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Sermons are known to be one of the well-received ways of education in a very orthodox manner. They give you an energy boost and motivation for the whole week, perfectly called as Sunday School, one such Pastor, Keion Henderson Sermons should surely be listened to if anyone values leadership and Christian values. He exhibits all of the values needed for life with only a single sermon.


Live Sermons:

Nowadays, even sermons are available online but nothing beats the thrill and experience of watching a live sermon and catching Pastor Keion Henderson Live at Lighthouse Church Humble TX is surely an experience which cannot be put into words, certainly, he makes you sit at the edge of the chair waiting for the next line over and over again. It is a gift for certain people to be so natural and forthcoming when it comes to public speaking, it is rather a privilege that should be heeded to the benefit of mankind, after all, what is the purpose of life if you don’t help people with your strengths?


How Pastors have the strength to teach love:

People generally respect others based on the social status, something that is very wrong and which is never supposed to be that way. Fortunately, pastors are highly respected and people listen to them when they have something to say, they know (people) that it is not easy to become a pastor hence they have so much respect for them. Coming back to the point, since they have the power to bring people together with their sermons, they can spread the act of love through their talks. But, the real key is in the people for them to act upon the words inflicted by the Pastor.


Leadership and Love:

People often misunderstand leadership with the thought of control. It is a stereotype and it has to be broken down because that is not the intention of leadership. True leadership lies on the boundaries of guidance and love, something that a Pastor is more familiar with that any of us. The reason why people have wrong thoughts on leadership is that of how certain ‘leaders’ are, they are very controlling and arrogant in nature. Change takes time but slowly, it must take place for everything to fall together properly, for the people who find it hard to change, remember that it is not a one-day process, something that might take a week, a month or possibly years in changing, but ultimately, it has to be realized from within.


Final thoughts on Sermons:

As stated earlier, sermons have the capability of inducing people to truth, love and guidance. However, a sermon can only act as a guide lest you choose to follow it, it is pointless to just listen and not act, similarly, you must look within yourself and see what you need to change about yourself, that is the true spirit of leadership and one that will echo in the days to come.


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