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Author: AymanHariri
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Count On A Revolutionary New-Age Application

If you’re a Instagram enthusiast, you might have noted a bunch of users you follow are talking about Vero recently. But what is Vero? Vero, the brainchild of Ayman Hariri, is a fresh social media app trying to retain power alongside Instagram, Facebook and others. It’s ad-free and prearranged chronologically, in place of Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm-driven feeds. It’s moreover gaining steam just as lots of powerful Instagram users are complaining regarding a plunge in “likes” and other engagement in current weeks.

Vero’s CEO is Ayman Hariri, also a co-founder of the business. Hariri is a billionaire and the son of past Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. Hariri mentions he is lucky to work with a squad of brilliant individuals from across the globe Like almost every international technology company, that comprises developers based in Russia, plus gifted persons across the US, France, Germany and even the Eastern Europe.

Vero is the most recent in a long line of wannabe Instagram and Facebook rivals, including the likes of Ello, Peach, and, most freshly, Sarahah. But these apps faded into gloom not long after first appearing on the forefront. Facebook, the $500-billion-plus business that furthermore owns Instagram, is implausible to yield any feasible ground to any nonentity competitors any time soon.

Does Vero have the courage to stick around and give a tough contest to the already established companies? Here’s what you could do with the info about Vero and what makes it poles apart from Facebook, Instagram and others.

What is Vero and what’s so special about the app? Vero is a new-fangled social media app created by Ayman Hariri boasting an advertisement-free and “more genuine” user experience. The application takes its name from the Italian expression for “truth.”

The image- and video-focused application is comparable to Instagram, drawing the concentration of photographers, videographers, vloggers, bloggers, and social media influencers admired there. It’s also drawing enthusiasts for the reason that posts are all displayed in sequential order, as opposed to being sorted by any algorithm like the one Instagram adopted in recent times.

Vero launched in 2015 on the record. But the app is gaining reputation over the past few months in 2018 on account of word of mouth amongst hardcore social media users. It’s now the second most well-liked app in Apple’s App Store and is at the top position of Google Play’s free apps chart.

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