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Cheap Inmate Phone Calls



Calling has become Cheaper:

Connect with your loved ones by talking more for a very low charge. You will save a lot of money as your inmate calls a local phone number instead of making a long distance call. Cheap inmate Phone Calls are now easy and inexpensive in Canada. Many telecom companies have come up with latest technologies. Choose the best company and get the best offers for your inmate phone calls.


Communication is very important for friends and family. Expensive long distance charges make calling unaffordable and can be very stressful.


Cheap Inmate Call Process

The company provides with a phone number local to the facility where your inmate is. Your loved one can call this local number connecting your cell phone. Thus, the call is charged at a local rate instead of long distance rate. Few companies offer free for the first month and charge a very low pricing per month for these calls. That way you save a lot of money on calls.


Latest Technology Plays A Key Role:

Today’s telecom companies use the latest technology called the VOIP service. VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol service. This is an advanced technology. Long distance calls few years ago were expensive and unaffordable. But now, we have VOIP services with the cheapest pricing.


How Do Inmates call?

In order to receive calls to cell phones, inmates should either call prepaid collect or use inmate debit calling account. This way you can collect calls from your loved ones who are in any jail in Canada. Overall, the customer gets the best merits out of the packages available.


How Do We Call An Inmate?

Incoming calls are not allowed as per rules of the jail. The method of calling is by collect calls. Inmates can do outgoing calls to their loved ones, but cannot receive calls.


It Is Free To Sign Up – No Hassles:

It is very easy and free to sign up for cheap inmate call services. It is not difficult at all and there are no hassles. Click the mouse button once and sign up for all the services and talk to your loved ones. Calling services now to your loved ones has become much easier and inexpensive. Sign up now for free and enjoy the best calling benefits.


Use The Advantage Now:

If you have not signed up and are using any other form of normal phone packages, you are at loss. Do not overpay on the normal telephone packages for jail calls. Use the unlimited packages of the cheap inmate calling system. Sign up right now to talk to your loved ones!

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