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Ayman Hariri – A Billionaire And A Passion In Technology

Have you ever heard about Vero? Vero is a social network which is introduced to the users in 2015 by Ayman Hariri and some of his friends. At the beginning of February 2018, it just had around 150,000 users. Then, a surprising thing came to Vero in the last week of February, it became the top download app in that month with approximately 4 million users. Lots of people started downloading this app through Google and Apple stores and make it becomes one of the best social networking apps for everybody.

In fact, Vero is a place for everybody who wants to share their videos, pictures or any suggestive movies with their friends or any users. Although Vero registration belongs to New York, Ayman Hariri and his team of around 30 people decide to spread out around the globe like USA, France, Russia, United Kingdom and Italy. They believe this is the right time and a great chance for them to develop and expand their business to the worldwide.

In the last few months, Ayman Hariri just moved to Italy with his wife and 3 children to spread out his business. However, there are some obstacles; especially the communication. Hariri is from a powerful family. His brother is the prime minister of the country and his family owns a construction company which names Saudi Oger. The company is recently forced to close. No matter his brother is the prime minister or his family had a company, he is the richest man in Lebanon with $1.3 billion.

Unlike his father and brother, Ayman Hariri has a passion in the computers, and he spent lots of times to study and tinker with the latest computer models. Unfortunately, his father did not like that, he also told Hariri that people did not research about it, and they used it. Hariri took a lot of time to think about his father and his passion. As a result, he switched his major to computer science at Georgetown University.

After graduated, he started working with Scott Birnbaum who studied with him in Paris. Together with Birnbaum, they created a data exchange network even though this concept was ahead of its time. However, there was a tragic turn of event in 2005, the project was abandoned. He started working on the iconic projects.

During that time, he was shocked and realized some of his friends were untrusted. A few years later, Ayman Haririrealized an opportunity which brought him to a social media platform. This platform is used to support and solve many issues to his cousin who studied filmmaking and Birnbaum.

After sold all of his shares in Oger, Ayman Hariri has invested most of his money in Vero and ready to use by downloading the app in 2015. He decided to not disclose the amount of invested money, but he is the majority owner of Vero. Nowadays, Vero has been used widely and does not allow for any advertisements as well as selling the users data.

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