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Author: AymanHariri
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It is true that because of the recent infamy of Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica problem, people have started losing trust in such apps. Data privacy has become a significant concern, and people are threatened to share their data with the help of these apps. Not just the data shared on these apps, but the extent of intrusion is such that these apps show advertisements of the products that you have previously searched on any other website. Vero Ayman Hariri claims that his app is not only free of obtrusive advertisements but also does not use algorithms that make use of the feed of the users. It purely works on user-ended sharing of media files and links. With such only one of its kind features, Vero app has taken a new toll upon popularity. 

Vero Ayman Hariri has made his app the new cool in the digital world as it focuses and works upon recommendations by the feed provided by its users. A user can recommend music, videos, links, movies, books and upon doing this, the app further suggests and prompts the user to buy the supported media file. It also provides the option to select the category among, acquaintances, followers, friends and close friends with whom the user wants to share its data. This is an upgraded version of the similar feature that Facebook provides. It aims to provide a real-time socializing experience online.

Vero Ayman Hariri highlights the idea of the app is "true," that is the meaning of the word in Italian also. To reflect this approach, the founder has made the app available free of cost of its subscription to only first one million users and has made it chargeable for the following subscribers. They have not released the price for their subscription yet. They wanted to abstain from highlighting and promoting the app for being free instead vouched to provide authentic service to its users.

The outreach of this app is so much that designer like Oliver Spencer partnered with it to present his men’s fashion line on this app. Earlier singer Charlie XCX had released her ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse at the video for “After the Afterparty” song.

Hariri comes from an influential Lebanese family with his father Rafik Hariri establishing Saudi Oger in 1978. Thrashing the lucrative offer of working for his family construction business, Oger, Hariri chose to venture into his own independent technology business. His brother Saad Hariri, on the other hand, is the current Prime Minister of Lebanon striving to carry forward the legacy of his father.

Time would unfold the success story of Vero, but with the current progress, the future seems bright as people are willing to use Facebook and Instagram substitutes.

For More Information: https://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/lebanese-billionaire-ayman-hariris-social-media-app-vero-is-going-viral/

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