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Latisse Use In Relation To Dark Eyelids

When you use Latisse, you get many benefits. One of them is having thick, dark and outstanding eyelashes.

The eyelashes give you an amazing look. Many celebs use Latisse to get this irresistible look. People who have few eyelashes get low self-esteem. Some of them go for artificial eyelashes and others use Latisse to make them look incredible.

 You will realize that there are few changes that come with using Latisse. An example of this is darkening of eyelids.

The eyelids are the thinnest skin in your body that covers your eyes. Naturally, the allocation of melanin in the body determines the eyelids color.

Melanocytes are cells that make melanin. They are the ones that determine the color of the eyelids. When melanin production is high, your skin becomes brown. When the production is low, your skin becomes darker.

There is some beauty in a little darkening of the eyelids. From a distance, people can see like you have applied the eyeliner on your eyelid.

They can only tell that it’s the eyelid that has become darker when they come nearer. The darkening of the eyelids is a gradual change and at times it is not conspicuous.

You will not have to worry about this change. When you stop using Latisse, the dark pigmentation fades away gradually.

When you stop using Latisse and your eyelids continue being dark you should check out the following:

1.            Allergy Reaction

Eye allergy causes irritation. You feel the urge to keep rubbing the eyes. You can feel like there are some particles in the eye.

When you constantly rub your eyes, the eyelids color changes and become darker. The allergic reaction can cause inflammation of the eyelids.

2.            Deficiencies

When you have Vitamin B and iron deficiency the color of your eyelids can become darker. This can affect other body parts as well.

When you have anemia and when you are starving, you can have the same experience as well.

3.            Injury

A prolonged injury on your eyelid can make it become darker. The injury can be categorized as:

-              Chemicals reaction. Your eyelids can become injured when they come into contact with acid.

-              Electromagnetic. Sunburns can cause a temporary eyelid change.

-              Mechanical. Vigorous rubbing of the eyelids can cause them to be darker.

4.            Inflammatory.

An inflammation can last for a long time. This can cause you to keep rubbing the eyelids.

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5.            Sleeplessness

The quantity of blood flow determines the color of your eyelids and other parts of the skin. When you fail to sleep as you should the eyelids blood vessels fail to supply enough blood. This makes the eyelids to become darker.


The use of Latisse can cause your eyelids to temporarily turn dark.

When they continue becoming darker after you stop using Latisse you should become concerned. Check whether you could be having any of the conditions we have mentioned above.

When the condition persists, you can go to the hospital.

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