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Cat owners love their furry companions, but not many of them are fond of cleaning after them and always changing the litter box. The good news is that a new product is available and it has many benefits worth knowing about, crystal cat litter. You should always look after your cat and provide it with the best conditions, this means buying a suitable cat scratching post.

Crystal cat litter stands out from other options due to its composition. It is made out of silicate granules and absorbs moisture. Another great aspect about it is its weight. Being so light, you can easily carry it around, from the store to your house and even emptying the box is a lot easier. It is always frustrating when you see particles from the litter box being carried around in the house, as your kitty runs around after using it. Due to its composition, crystal litter will not leave many dust particles around and your house will be a lot cleaner. 

One of the reasons why owners have to clean the box regularly is to avoid the development of mold and bacteria. Crystals lock in moisture and fecal matter, so nothing develops while you are using this solution. Not to mention that odor control is highly effective and you will simply appreciate the product even more once you start using it. Smell is locked in and you can find some versions that have nice fragrances. Your home will smell better and you will be happier that the situation changes for good. How do you know exactly when it is time to clean the litter? This is another positive aspect worth pointing out; some manufacturers have developed crystals that change color when they are full of moisture. 

Besides offering a private place for cats to mind their business, owners have to look for entertainment and functional solutions. If they don’t have their own scratching corner, kitties will eventually turn to your sofa and furniture and no one wants that to happen. How can you avoid such stressful situations? You can consider buying a cat scratching post. There are many varieties available, of all sizes, based on how much space you have available and where you will position the post. Among the most popular options is the tree post. In general, cats accept it the most and it provides the perfect opportunity for them to drag their nails top to bottom. 

Material is another important aspect and you will find many available at pet shops, all presenting some benefits. The carpet type is appropriate and you can place it in any location. Some posts are covered in string, these are highly durable and your cat will certainly love them. Based on your pet’s needs, what they like, your budget and space inside your house, you can decide upon the perfect model. At pet shops you can find all popular models and find out why some are more suitable than others, read reviews and eventually choose a product. 

Do you want to try another type of litter for your furry companion? A good option is crystal cat litter ( ) . While buying cat supplies, don’t forget to purchase a cat scratching post ( ) as well and save your beloved furniture. 

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