Niagara Falls Maid Of The Mist
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Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist Boat Ride USA


The Maid of the Mist boat tour operates from Niagara Falls State Park on the US side of Niagara Falls. Sail through Niagara Gorge to view the Falls from below and get soaking wet from the spray of Horseshoe Falls!


The Maid of the Mist is a must-do thrilling attraction on the US side of Niagara Falls. This boat ride takes you into the Niagara River for a view of Niagara Falls. The docks are at the base of Niagara Gorge and are accessible from the Observation Tower at Prospect Point in Niagara Falls State Park USA.


Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist History – Origin to Present Day


The first Maid of the Mist was a steamboat that made its maiden voyage in 1846 transporting people, cargo and mail between Niagara Falls USA and Niagara Falls Canada. The construction of a suspension bridge saw a fall in business and it was re-branded into a sightseeing trip to see the Falls that operates to this day.


The present day diesel-powered boat can carry upto 600 passengers on its two decks.


Ride into the Mist of Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist boat ride starts from the base of Niagara Gorge in Niagara Falls State Park USA. The Observation Tower’s elevator takes passengers down to the docks.


A recyclable souvenir blue poncho is provided free with admission to help keep you dry from the spray of the Falls. This 30-minute ride is an unforgettable experience providing amazing views of Niagara Gorge and the Falls.


The boat navigates the Niagara River and takes you close to the American and Bridal Veil Falls. It then heads into the swirling waters at the base of Horseshoe Falls. Feel the thundering roar of 600.000 gallons of water tumbling into the gorge. The force is so great it creates a spray that drenches you.


After a few minutes near the base of Horseshoe Falls, it is back to the docks.


Tickets and Hours of Operation


Tickets can be purchased individually or as part of Niagara Falls USA Discovery Pass. They are available online or at Niagara Falls State Park, USA.


Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist Boat Ride USA operates from late April to early November. Visit for schedule and pricing. Special rates are given for adult groups and educational groups.


Maid of the Mist – Boat Ride to Niagara Falls USA


Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist is the best way to see the Falls from Niagara Gorge. If you do not want to miss this ride, check the schedule before planning your trip.


Tickets purchased are valid for any departure during the season.


Till 2013, Maid of the Mist operated from USA and Canada. With a change in operators on the Canadian side from April 2014, a similar boat ride on the Canadian side is called Hornblower Niagara Cruises.


Experience the power of Niagara Falls with the Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist USA Boat Ride!

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