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How To Restore A Database Backup In CPanel?

In a case, you have accidentally removed some data from your directories and feeling confused to restore it. Don’t worry about it there is a solution to restore the database with the help of some simple step. In brief, if you have some problems with your database, then restoring the database to a previously backed up state will be the worthwhile option to save you time and hassle.

The following WHM restore full backup will allow you to restore accounts from the backup archives that the system stores in the backups directory. Moreover, users can restore a single account, several accounts, or accounts from a particular date. In this article, you will find out three tools to restore the Backups.


  • For restoring the single account backup, let’s follow the following steps:


  • Login to your WHM.
  • Then select on Restore Backups available under Backups Section.
  • Click either month-to-month or weekly to select the sort of backup to restore.
  • Select a username from the list to restore.
  • In a case, if the account now not exists in this server, take a look at the box next to Recreate Account. Then, select whether or not you need to offer the account an IP Address.
  • Click Start Restore to start the restoration procedure.
  • The restoration ought to be completed depending upon the scale of the backup record.


  • For restoring the Multiple account backup, let’s follow the following steps:


  • Login to your WHM.
  • Select on restore multiple backups available in backups section.
  • Click either month-to-month or weekly to select the sort of backup to restore.
  • Choose the checkboxes that correspond to the accounts that the users want to restore.
  • Configure the alternative options available in the table.
  • Select restore to commence the restoration procedure. Lastly, click on Ok button.


  • For restoring a full restoration from the backup file of the account, let’s follow the following steps:


  • Login on your WHM.
  • Select on restore full backup/cpmove record shown in the backups section.
  • In a case, the users want to use restricted restore; they have to choose restricted restore checkbox.
  • Then choose whether or not to repair the backup record by means of a username or through filename. In a case, the users choose to Restore with Username, then choose the username this is associated with the cPanel account which they want to restore. In another case, the users choose to Restore with the file, and then choose the backup file from your local file system.
  • Then choose whether or not to replace all instances of the unique server’s IP address with the new address. Moreover, you can also choose the new address or to only replace basic cPanel-provided a records in zone files.
  • Then click on restore after choosing the option to restore full cPanel backup.


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