Popular Configurations Of Dedicated Server
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There are various sorts of dedicated server configurations available in  market. Based on your requirements you have to select the servers. These are some popular uses of dedicated server  based on different requirements of customers.


1. Basic Dedicated Server Hosting

If a client has outgrown from a shared (or) reseller (or) VPS hosting account then ordinarily he wants a fanatical server together with his basic requirements. Throughout this case client does not would like thick RAM, magnetic disc and basic software package place in on the dedicated server. Their main aim to upgrade to dedicated server is to reinforce the online web site latency.

2. High end Dedicated Server Hosting

This altogether likelihood is that succeeding stage of a basic dedicated server hosting package where a client is expecting for good performance of the server as he has understood that his requirements area unit on a rise presently that's then followed by a Quad Core Configuration. But fully totally different shoppers have different requirements and setup of the dedicated servers as per their alternative is incredibly necessary. In fact, currently then there are a unit many prerequisites that an online server hosting company got to watch out for that.

3. System of measurement Dedicated Server Hosting

This server is required once a client must run live Audio (or) video streaming computing device like YouTube. He will not exclusively need a high-specs server configuration, but in addition Associate in Nursing honest amount system of measurement that ranges from basic commonplace metered system of measurement per month to un-metered system of measurement of 100Mbps (or) 1Gbps Unmetered system of measurement as a results of the need of information Transfer is high on these moderately websites and it got to be able to transfer or transfer on the server as fast as achievable.

4. Application Dedicated Server Hosting

The servers that area unit utilized to host Applications area unit known as Application Dedicated web Servers. Client can host all types of legal applications like live chat software, Flash tutorials, Media file installations etc.

5. Data Dedicated Server Hosting

Shoppers UN agency run info’s like MySQL or MSSQL on a fanatical server area unit known as info Dedicated Server Hosting. To host data server you'll would like further resources and higher-end server configurations thus on completely manage dedicated servers.

6. Server Mirroring Dedicated Server Hosting

Many customers would like their information mirrored to a distinct server. Usually this can be often as a results of they're doing not choose to lose any information at any purpose of some time. Servers are unit synchronic thus on transfer information from one server to the other. RAID Configurations area unit setup on a similar theme as dedicated Server mirroring. The only real main distinction is that RAID mirrors (or) strips on varied Disks and Server Mirroring area unit Server plan.


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