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Toronto East Detention Centre

Toronto East Detention Centre


The Location of The East Jail


The Toronto East Detention Centre, often simply referred to as The East, is a remand facility located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the former borough of Scarborough. It is located to the southwest of Eglinton Avenue and Brichmount Road. The facility was known as the Metropolitan Toronto East Detention Centre until the Metropolitan municipality of Toronto was amalgamated in 1998.


The above information has been taken from Wikipedia. The Toronto East Detention Centre Phone number is +1 416-750-3513. One may contact this number to speak to their loved ones who is in jail.


Inmate Telephone Communication


Ontario’s Correctional Services recognize that communication between inmates, family members, and members of the community is important for their rehabilitation and successful integration into society. The telephone or the mobile phone is the primary method by which inmates maintain contact with others or their loved ones.


Inmates Telephones and Calls


Inmates may call any person with a standard North American 10-digit telephone number who is capable of being billed for collect calls. Collect calls cannot be received on mobile phone and the person receiving collect calls will be charged.


Process of Collect Calls and The Exciting Cheap Pricing


Telecom companies in Canada have the most efficient and cheapest method to receive calls from prisons like The Toronto East Detention Centre. The process is like, whenever an inmate calls to a local number from the Toronto East prison, the inmate would be charged certain price for that call per minute by the collect calls service provider telecom company. Earlier few years ago, these calls used to cost very dearly at a price of $5 to $6 CAD per minute, but now various companies offer from a range starting at CAD $ 1.10 to $ 0.80 per minute.


The telecom company provides you with a local phone number for collect calls in the prison, The East, allowing the inmate to call this local number as if it were your local home or work phone number. Once the inmate calls this local number provided by the telecom company, the telecom company then directs the call to the current or an alternate phone number without disturbing your existing line. The two changes you would see while you receive calls from your inmate from Toronto East jail is, the phone number inmate dials and the very less expensive price per minute call cost for prison calling.


Visit Hours of the East Jail


The Toronto East Detention Centre Visitation hours for the loved ones of the inmates allows the loved ones to visit the inmates from Monday to Sunday, 9 AM to 10.30 AM and 1 PM to 3.30 PM.

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