How To Successfully Restore Full CPanel Backup
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How To Successfully Restore Full CPanel Backup

JetBackup has gained a splendid reputation in the area of making fast, secure, reliable backups. The experts of this company have a great experience. The company offers the solutions for self-service backup and restoring functionality.

We all fear this happening to us, but your website has just suffered from some form of tragedy and you need to successfully restore your website. It can be done by dependable website backup that you regularly keep.

There are a lot of reasons you might have suffered this fate. Hackers might have got to your website. Or your web hosting provider might have had a hard drive failure and aftermath lost your account and don't have all backups of their own.

You can effectively restore full cPanel backup

1. Let's suppose then that you have been practical with your online business and actively take website backups and have one or more sitting on your drive just in case you might one day require it.
2. If you successfully run your website under a cPanel then you are in luck, because the process is comparatively straight forward.
3. Make certain you use 'full backup' option that you can successfully download from your cPanel control panel.

The 'full backup' option is mostly for your hosting provider to recover your account and doesn't actually help you if you just need to successfully restore selected files. Also, only your hosting provider can fruitfully restore a 'full backup'.

How to take backup from cPanel

1. You need to log in to your cPanel.
2. In the files section, you need to click on the backup wizard icon.
3. Now you need to click the backup button on the backup screen.
4. Now you go for the full backup button.
5. Now you select the backup destination and get the push generate backup button.

It is recommended that you use restore full cPanel backup, since it gathers up everything you need, emails, files, statistics, and you can successfully restore it on your own. Also, make certain you have downloaded your databases independently alongside your home directory backup. Your databases are just as, if not more significant than your website files.

Assuming that you are successfully armed with your files and data, you can effectively do a total home directory restore using the cPanel control panel, or you can take out the files that you need and just able to recover all those files. Also if your database is the only part of your website that has greatly suffered and needs to be successfully restored, just focus on that.

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