4 Ways To Secure Your Office Building
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4 Ways To Secure Your Office Building

No doubt you'll agree that security is important, both at home and at the office. If you’re looking for ways to get in any last-minute business expenses before the tax year ends, have you considered improving the state of your building and office security measures? Office security is important on a number of fronts, including personnel safety, goods security, and information security. Here are four small business security tips for your office.


1. Detection:

When setting up your camera equipment, positioning is key. It’s not just about visual deterrence; it’s about considering what the cameras will actually be capturing. To avoid being caught, an intruder will try to avoid looking directly at cameras and try to conceal their faces with hoods, hats and/or sunglasses. Therefore, if your cameras are only positioned to capture the tops of heads of people entering the building, they won’t be effective.

If you don’t have a dedicated surveillance team monitoring your security cameras, you’ll need to set up event-based monitoring which is set to trigger a system alert if it captures something out of the ordinary, like movement in the hallways after office hours. However, when starting out, a lot of companies have disparate surveillance systems. Make sure your camera system is connected to your access control and alarm systems. If an alarm goes off during an event, you want to be able to pull up the nearest camera to that door or window so you know what’s happening. Isecurity solutions stock the best access control systems in Manchester.

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2. Have a Sign-In System:

If there are a lot of people coming in and out of your offices, your chances of a breach may increase if you’re not careful. This is especially true if your employees are hosting meetings with outside individuals and companies who will need access to your facilities. To tighten the security of your office, implement a sign-in system that tracks who is coming and going and when. People who work for you full-time should have badges for easy entry, while those who aren’t full-time workers should require a name and proof of meeting to be allowed access into the building.

A bright, visible badge or keychain should be worn by visitors at all times to ensure that your employees recognize them as an outside worker. This will make it easier for you to track who came onto the premises and who they were in contact with while inside.


3. Training Employees and Occupants:

Knowing how to keep themselves and their belongings safe is an important aspect of having a healthy environment for occupants, so training is a must. It is recommended that occupants receive a brief overview on security during their initial orientation, and once a year after that.


4. Restrict access whenever possible:

If your premises are fairly large, consider restricting access to certain areas. Especially consider restricting access where contractors and visitors are concerned. A good policy to follow is the "minimum access necessary" policy: Only allow visitors (and in some cases, employees) access to the areas required to perform their job functions. And limit the time period – if contractors should only be on-site from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., program their keys to deny access outside those time periods.

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