The Tale Of Email (Marketing)
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The Tale Of Email (Marketing)

Did you know, according to a study by QuickSprout, email subscribers are 3X more likely to share content on social media than leads who came through other channels! So that must mean…email actually helps social media?!

But how?

Aren’t email and social media two completely separate platforms with nothing in common apart from their main objective; outreach?

Turns out, despite being regarded as separate entities, if you use email marketing just right, it can actually amplify and boost your social media strategies!

So how do advertising agencies in Pune successfully leverage email marketing to their advantage and help boost the online presence of the brands they represent?

Let's find out:

1) A definite head start:

While email marketing is most often used to drive higher traffic to your website, why not use it to also direct some traffic to your best content on social media?

Everyone knows, the first few minutes after posting anything on social media are vital; this is when you need to generate the maximum views, receive the most likes and comments so that you get the top priority from the social media algorithms. In order to gain these precious minutes, a healthy mailing list sure comes in handy.

Your email subscribers are generally your most loyal followers and subsequently the best audiences for an organic targeted reach. You can send your subscribers email updates on any new content you publish on any social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube, and they in turn will give you a speedy response to your posts.

2) Use the power of multiple channels:

In order to stay relevant in the growing digital scene, the crucial thing is to stay visible, at all times. The most lucrative way to do that is to target your audience through multiple channels. The best ways to do this for ad agencies in Pune are email marketing and social media. Giving your audience multiple ways to connect with your brand will not only pique their interest but also keep you at the top of their mind.

This can be done by promoting your social media channels and its content benefits through an email newsletter, or conversely by highlighting the benefits of a newsletter subscription on your social media platforms, thus providing a healthy addition to your mailing list.

3) Email lists make for easy targets:

Mailing lists are a godsend when you are looking to boost any brand's digital presence. Many social media ad managers, most notably Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads can make use of your email subscriber lists and use that audience as your target audience.

Not just that, but thanks to the super algorithms of these channels, you can also task them with creating  brand new audiences with similar parameters by analyzing your current audience's demographics, interests, etc and grow your target audience even more.

4) Group your subscribers

As we mentioned before, your email subscribers are your most loyal followers, some of whom may even be customers. So why not make them feel even more special by creating an exclusive Facebook group just for them? In this group, not only will you have the chance to share your best content with the best audience, but also inculcate a sense of community and interaction between individuals who are all loyal followers of your brand.

5) Create an engagement loop:

Social media contest are a great way to generate more visibility and engagement for your brand. What they can also do, however, is grow your subscriber count. Generally whenever visitors wish to take part in any social media contest, one of the main criteria is to provide their email address and often to subscribe to a brand newsletter. Additionally, they are also asked to share the contests on their social media and encourage their friends to participate as well.

An ideal way to kick start any contest would be to invite your existing subscribers to participate and share it with their friends, which will lead to a significant rise in the number of subscriber while at the same time boosting the brand's social media presence. Basically, these contests create a kind of loop where email and social media work together and boost each other.

These are but a few of the ways to use email marketing and social media to your ultimate advantage by creating a sort of harmony between them. These ways will not only help you with your own brand's online presence but will serve as a base for you to form your own strategies that are tailored to your brand's individual requirements.

One of the best digital agencies that offer effective and assured digital services is Promising Designs Pvt. Ltd. Following a unique work process that allows them to truly get a comprehensive understanding of their clients, working with clients across many industries like real estate, education, healthcare and more, and a dream team of professionals dedicated to elevating the client's business to the highest success, Promising Designs has all the making of the perfect digital marketing partner.


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