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Delayed Flight Compensation And How To Make A Successful Flight Claim

Let’s be honest, most people never have to worry about delayed flight compensation for the fact that they never go ahead with making an actual claim. It’s true, flight delays and cancellations delays happen all the time but most passengers think that claiming is either a lost cause or not worth the effort.


If you book a flight with a European airline or a flight that departed from Europe, you might be entitled to compensation in the case of delays or cancellation. According to EU law, the airline is obliged to provide passengers with specific compensation which will depend on the circumstances.


For most travellers, they are completely unaware that when a flight is delayed for more than five hours, they are not obliged to take the flight. That is to say, after five hours of delay, these passengers are entitled to a full refund for the flight and also onward flights that were part of the same booking. Needless to say, the airline is also required to provide access to phone calls, emails, food, drink and accommodation for overnight delays.


If the airline ends up cancelling your flight, you are legally entitled to claim a full refund for the flight and other flights on the same booking. As if that’s not enough, the airline must cover the cost of your replacement flight and assist with the expenses we mentioned previously.


Well, in this instance you can submit a claim later on for as much as £540 per person from the airline for each flight. As already mentioned, the exact amount will depend on certain criteria and this compensation is only due if the airline is at fault for the delay or cancellation.


Anyway, you can find several online resources that will help you submit the claim and more importantly, that will help you write a claim that the airline will accept and honour.


On the other hand, contacting a flight claim service can take the hassle out of the process and prepare your claim in such a way that it meets the airlines requirements. It also takes just a couple of minutes to fill out a form and these claims handlers have access to specialist advice from solicitors for the more complicated situations. As if that’s not enough, there are no fees attached with unsuccessful claims and the service will only request a small fee if the claim is successful.


Now, what happened with your flight? Get in touch and we can start preparing your claim. Claim for delayed flight compensation with Flights Claim and get back your money.

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