Overview & Special Features Of The Engine Data Management 700 System
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Overview & Special Features Of The Engine Data Management 700 System

The EDM 700 series engine data management system is one of the finest engine monitoring instruments available for the aircraft. In this article, will provide you with an overview and the special features of the engine data management 700 system.

To begin with, the EDM 700 is analogues to a flight engineer always present in your cockpit and working silently in the background constantly watching over your engine while the pilots concentrate on flying the aircraft.

Overview & Special Features of the EDM 700 System

The EDM 700 Engine Monitor critical components of the aircraft engine three times a second and will warn the pilots instantly if any parameter is below or above the expected norm.

The EDM 700 collects data and displays it for the pilots in a useful way. The EDM 700 is used to monitor engine temperatures and voltages, adjust the fuel air mixture and diagnose engine malfunctions.

In the centre of the display screen, is the exhaust gas temperature (EGT bars) with the cylinder head numbers displayed on the top of each bar. The height of each column represents the EGT.

The pilots can either see the display in ‘redline’ view or ‘normal’ view. The former is a percentage view of the EGT. In the normalized view the pilots can see even small subtle changes in the temperature – this enables the pilots to monitor the EGT very closely.

In the normalized view, to begin with, all bars are equal height but; if there is any increase of decrease in temperature, the column height will instantly change. Each tick on the bar represents a 10-degree change.

Actual EGT and CHT figures are displayed below the bar graph. This unit also displays the rate of shock cooling of the most rapidly cooling cylinder in degrees (ideal value should be below 50 degrees) per minute.

Other displays include the bus voltage, the difference between the hottest and coolest exhaust gas temperatures. If you have the following optional features installed then, these too will be displayed:

1. The outside air temperature

2. Oil temperature

3. Fuel flow

There are two buttons on the front panel. These control all functions of the EDM 700 on the left side is the step button and on the right side is a lean find button. Roughly 10 minutes after the EDM 700 Engine Monitor is turned on it will automatically index through all parameters. Pressing this step button will turn this into a manual indexing mode and the pilot can observe each parameter value for as long the pilot wants. To resume automatic indexing, the pilots just needs to tap the lean find and then tap step to switch between the percentage view and the normalized view.

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