Thinking Of Using Your Electric Bicycle After A Knee Replacement
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Thinking Of Using Your Electric Bicycle After A Knee Replacement

If you are a cyclist and going for a knee replacement, then the first question that may have struck you with “Can I still use my electric bicycle?” Well, the answer to this question is yes, you can! If you ask your surgeon, he or she will also recommend you to engage with some physical exercises after the knee surgery. Plus, if you have an electric bicycle Los Angeles, then using it mildly after knee surgery, will help you to recover fast. Plus, since these are e-bikes, it out less stress on your knees.

Many people go for knee surgery after a certain age. People suffering from acute pain and arthritis are often recommended to go for knee surgery. The pain never feels good, and it can hamper your daily activities. We have prepared this guide for people who are or have gone through a knee surgery for a better e cycle riding experience.

Getting started

After the knee surgery, for the first couple of weeks, your main objective will be to minimise the swelling. Being able to cycle again will depend on the rest and care you provide to your knees. There will be a pain in the beginning, but you must provide passive range of motion to prepare it for the future.

Physical therapy

Your physical therapists will visit you within the 24 hours post the surgery. Your therapists will help you to walk, sit, stand, and basically help you with passive motion which is required. Remember, there will be a certain amount of discomfort, but to remove stiffness and pain, you must follow the advice of the therapists. Don’t climb the stairs right after the surgery; take some time.

Using a stationary bike in the starting

Now, since your knee must feel better, rather than jumping into the e-bicycle straightaway, get a stationary bike. Stationary bikes are the best way to improve your knee movement. However, make sure to speak to your therapist or the doctor before using a stationary bike. Start slow and make sure to put less pressure on the knee. Slowly pedal in both forward and backward position and train your knees for improved motion.

When will you be able to achieve full range of motion?

Once you can bend your knee to about 90 degrees, you should be able to turn around the crank completely around the stationary bike. Slowly add slight resistance to enhance the endurance level of your knee muscles. But, if at any point you feel pain, decrease the resistance.

The final stage

After using your stationary bike for around six weeks, visit the doctor, and he will tell you about your knee status. If everything is fine, he will give you a clean chit and allow you to do e-cycling. The benefits of using an e-bike are that it will enable you to use less pressure and still ride the cycle quickly. Just keep in mind that you must avoid putting stress on your knees.

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