Why Should Gum Pockets Be Measured?
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Why Should Gum Pockets Be Measured?

The procedure of measuring gum pockets is also called periodontal charting or probing. This procedure is pretty simple as long as you don't have any infection. Your dentist or dental hygienist will gently poke along your gum line and enunciate numbers; these numbers represent how deep your gum pockets are in millimeters. Let’s understand why these measurements are essential in gauging overall oral health.

What is a gum pocket?

When you look at the structure of your mouth, what you notice is that your teeth and gums are attached along the gum line. However, there are actually small spaces between your tooth and the gum tissue. These spaces are called gum pockets or a sulcus.

What do these gum pocket measurements mean?

When your dental hygienist measures your gum pockets, you may hear her utter various numbers which can range from 1 to higher.  If the number is smaller, it means your gums are in good condition - they are shallow and healthy. Following is the guide that will give you the idea of what each depth of your gum pockets indicates.

●    3mm – 5mm gum pocket with no bleeding: This can be a symptom of very early, moderate stage of gum disease.
●    3mm – 5mm gum pocket with bleeding: This can be a strong indicator of gum disease which is still at a pretty moderate stage.
●    5mm – 7mm gum pocket with bleeding: This measurement guarantees that gum disease is active and it may have started to deteriorate your bone.
●    7mm+ gum pocket with bleeding: This measurement definitely indicates advanced and aggressive gum disease that will require treatment or surgery to fix the problem.

Why being aware of the gum pocket measurements is important?

Gum disease is a severe issue, which can lead to tooth loss or other oral health problems. It can even affect your overall health. Therefore, diagnosing and treating your gum disease is vital. Timely treatment of gum disease will make your mouth healthy and also improve your overall health.

What are the other signs of gum disease?

Periodontal charting or measuring gum pockets is not the only way to identify gum disease. You should also pay attention to other symptoms such as:
●    Chronic bad breath
●    Bleeding gums – Bleeding gums should never be ignored, it is never healthy.
●    Red and inflamed gums
●    Loose teeth

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