Why One May Need A Root Canal Treatment?
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Why One May Need A Root Canal Treatment?

What is root canal therapy?

Let us put this in simple terms, a root canal treatment is done when the core of your tooth is infected. After cleaning, the canal is shaped, disinfected, filled and sealed with a natural rubber-like material.  Every tooth in the mouth has at least one root through which the jawbone feeds the teeth, the minerals and nutrients it requires to stay healthy. The root contains one or more canals which have nerves and blood vessels connected to the pulp chamber which is in the middle of the tooth. 

Root canal treatment is basically designed to save your dead tooth when the infection reaches the pulp. The root canal procedure cleans the infected tooth and canals and fills them to relieve you from intense discomfort caused by the tooth infection.

Why is a root canal treatment done?  

Before the dentist recommends you a root canal treatment, he/she will first determine if you are require  the procedure. You may need a root canal treatment for various reasons with the most common one being tooth decay that has reached the tooth's pulp. You might also require root canal therapy if your tooth is cracked or fractured, and its pulp is exposed to oral bacteria. Treating decay before it gets too deep can prevent root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy is a fairly common  process. It alleviates you from a severe toothache and dental suffering, and saves the tooth.

Who performs root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed by a general dentist or you may be referred  to a specialist (endodontist). You can consult our dentists at Expressions Dental for any questions or concerns you have about root canal treatment. Our dentists can help you tell if it is the right option for you. 

How can root canal treatment be helpful?

There are a number of clinical reasons necessitating root canal treatment, in order to save the natural tooth. Few of the advantages are as follows:

•    It helps you maintain your natural smile.
•    You can continue eating the foods you like.
•    With proper care, teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a long time.

Last few words…..
Take out some time to learn more about root canal treatment. Consult your dentist and then take the first step towards a healthy mouth. 


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Dr. Gurpreet Gill is a dentist in Calgary, leading her team of dentists at Expressions Dental™ Clinic in Calgary NW which offers you a wide range of dental treatments including Invisalign, root canal treatment, dental veneers, dental implants, and many more. Our dedicated team of dentists strives hard to provide efficient oral care and treatment. For more information, visit, https://www.expressionsdental.ca.

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