Fully Automatic Composting Machine Manufacturers
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Author: DS Consultancy Services
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Fully Automatic Composting Machine Manufacturers

Compost Machine Manufacturers (OWC) is designed to make composting easy & convenient. It’s fully automatic & has very compact & creative desingn.OWC are equipped with intuitive expertise which maintains the right temperature air flow & moisture. A special bacterium which is heat, salt and acid resistant is used. Once the bacteria are announce in machine they recreate at a rapid pace under ideal internal situation. When organic waste is filled in converter increase in moisture stage is detected by sensor which consequently starts the heating system. As the temperature decreases it activates the bacteria which break down organic waste into fertile manure. At the same time moisture in waste is converter into water vapour which is vented through blower into drain. These not just results into closely eighty five percent volume reduction in compost formed but also convert organic (food) waste into 70-80% mature compost within 24X7 hour. The temperature in our owc machine is high sufficient that even daity, fish & meat are easily composted. The constant temperature & air flow prevents odour & pest problem. Food is one item that we consume and waste incessantly some in arrangement and the rest out of negligence. Every home generates a considerable amount of food waste & when you consider the amounts being achieved in commercial food preparation & food processing by company selling processed food the amount becomes mind boggling. This is one resource that can be recycled & reused in a more useful form provided we make the extra effort needed.

What is Composting?

Compost Machine is taking nature’s help to break up & recycle environmental material into different elements that can be used to nurture plant growth. However knowing the various factors that affect composting can greatly promote the process. Composting is a natural process that occurs in nature all the time. Several worms, organisms & microorganisms contribute to the process. Some of these are antinomy cetes, fungi as well as bacteria. Facilitated by these composting occurs much more rapidly than it happens in a natural way. Besides this the right level of heat oxygen & moisture can speed up the process of food composting.

Benefits of Composting

The biggest benefit of composting is that it helps to reduce & reuse food wastage. This also means that we send less wastage to landfills & save precious land. Degeneration of food in landfills releases methane in the environment. Moreover the compost generated can be used as natural compost for organic farming keeping produce free of chemicals.

Food Recycling

Food consists of a variety of materials in which some may compost faster than the other. Besides this some items may give out a particular kind of odor which may be unbearable. Meat, bones & dairy products take longer to decompose & give out an objectionable smell. On the other hand vegetable scraps, cores, peels, grains whether they are cooked or raw, stale bread, used tea leaves, coffee grounds will decompose much faster. One can also put in egg shells & corn cobs though this will take more time to break down than vegetables.

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DS Consultancy Services is a Leading manufacturer of Organic waste compost machines in India. Call us on: @ +91- 99588-58881 and Visit our official site http://www.organicwastecompostermachine.com

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