The Best Time To Book Flight Tickets
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The Best Time To Book Flight Tickets

Air travel is the best means of transportation as it is safe and quick. You can get from one end of the world to another in hours instead of days. But air travel can be expensive especially if you do not have a plan for booking the tickets. The ticket prices go up especially during the holiday season as everyone gets to their destination in time. Airlines have revenue management tools and employ analytical teams that help them in raising and lowering ticket prices.


People are always looking for a chance to save money on air tickets so that you can keep travelling under budget. You can bring down the travelling cost by finding great deals and making flight delay claim. The timing of the booking plays an important role in finding cheap and affordable tickets. For best flight delay lawyer visit


Here is a guide about the best times for booking flights.


Compare Airfare:


To find the best and most affordable airfare is to compare the airfare. The prices can differ from airline to airline so you should take a look at the deals and discounts offered by different airlines and you are likely to find flights that fit perfectly in your holiday plans. Comparing the prices is an effective way of knowing whether you are taking advantage of the best available deal or not. An easy way to keep up with prices is to set an alert and you will get email notifications every time a new deal is introduced.


Shop on Time:


You should not buy the tickets too early because when you make a rash purchase you are likely to pay more than you should.  It is also not good to leave the ticket purchase to the last minute. The best time to book the ticket is between three to thirty days before the departure date. For international tickets, it is better to start shopping for five and a half to one month before the departure. If you are travelling during popular holidays then you need to start a little earlier as almost everyone is looking for good flights during that time.


Cheapest Days:


The day you shop for the ticket can also have an impact on the cost of the tickets. Weekends are always expensive so you should refrain from getting tickets on Friday and Sunday. Weekdays especially are a better time so try shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Choose the Cheapest Route:


The rate of the flight can differ with the route as well. Non-stop flights are a convenient choice but they are usually expensive than connecting flights. If you are booking a long flight then it is better to stick with connecting flights because you will be able to find fifty percent cheaper flights as compared to direct flights. 




Booking an affordable flight is not a difficult task nowadays. You can find out the best deals by setting alerts as you will get email notifications. The Internet gives an opportunity to get the best flights and making sure that you do not miss any opportunity to save money on air tickets.

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