When Should You Organize A Cocktail Reception?
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When Should You Organize A Cocktail Reception?

A wedding requires a lot of work and time to be invested in its planning. The wedding reception, by itself, is very demanding. You need to decide many things, starting from the dinner type. You can choose to have a cocktail reception instead of a regular sit-down one, but for both of them, the decoration equipment and the type of cuisine needs to be selected. 

The wedding cake also needs to be in harmony with the environment. The music also requires time to be selected. It must be to everyone’s liking and don’t forget about the event where the bride throws the bouquet. But, from all of them, the type of reception is the most important one because you want it to be to everyone’s liking.

Cocktail VS Sit-Down Reception

Nowadays you can choose the style of the wedding reception. Even improvisation is possible, for example combining both styles. But before choosing one, it is better to compare them and understand what each one means, how they differ and what  http://www.partycity.com.cy/ decoration equipment  you will need to select for each of them.

Everyone knows the sit-down style, the venue is filled with tables and chairs, there is more food than anyone can eat, and from time to time an event makes your guests rise from their chairs. 

The cocktail style, on the other hand, is a more modern approach. There is only one table, no excess food and everyone moves around all the time. So, how you should choose between them? Your decision should consider many factors.

Your Budget

Not everyone affords to make luxury weddings with both styles combined, so this is an important factor, Of course, if your budget allows it then go on and start with a cocktail style reception and finish with dinner.

A cocktail style is generally cheaper because the amount of food for each guest is much lower. This allows you to invite more guests than you could using the same budget as for a dinner style reception. You can also choose this style if the venue has limited space and the guests won’t fit.

A sit-down reception will cost more money because the amount of food needed it’s generally much larger than having a buffet. But money shouldn’t be the only reason you must consider it. Even if the budget permits it, maybe, because of some other reasons, it would be better to have a cocktail reception. Although if you only want to invite close family and friends then, sitting them at a big table would be the best choice.


If your guests don’t like to move around, then a sit-down style would be preferred. But if most of them are active, then it may better to let them mingle with each other.

 Your choice should also consider their appetite, if they eat a lot, then, choose a dinner style or make sure the buffet table has enough food for all of them. Even if you want to keep them on their feet, don’t forget to prepare some seats. Some of the guests will tire, especially the older ones and ladies with high heels.


If you and the guests are generally more serious and traditional, then you may want a more formal reception. Although both of them can be formal, a sit-down style it’s harmonizes better with the task. Having them standing and mingling with each other in a formal way may become awkward.

A  http://www.partycity.com.cy/ cocktail reception  is generally more relaxed and because your guests will have to interact with each other more often, it’s a good opportunity for them to form friendships with new people through their relationship with you.

Decoration Equipment 

It is a very important aspect because it will determine if you and the guests will feel comfortable in that location. It’s recommended to search as many options as possible and choose the one that both you and your loved one like the most. 

If you have a peculiar taste in furniture, then make sure to not choose a decoration that the guests will dislike. Even if it is a special day, that doesn’t mean it is fine to ignore their feelings. You won’t feel good when they are uncomfortable, maybe even depressed.

You can find many types of decoration equipment for both dinner and cocktail reception online. Before making a choice, make sure to consider every aspect thoroughly because it is your special day and you don’t want to regret anything.

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