Types Of Doulas And Their Benefits For The Parents
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Types Of Doulas And Their Benefits For The Parents

As more couples are nowadays choosing natural childbirth, the practice of using various types of doulas is becoming very popular. The word doula is a Greek word and means to be a woman’s servant. A doula is certified, educated and trained to deal with different aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. There are different types of doulas: antepartum, labor and Postpartum Doula that specialize in a different stage of pregnancy and/ or birth.

The role of the antepartum doula is to provide assistance in the earlier months preceding the birth of a child. For mothers-to-be who are put on bed rest or having a high risk of pregnancy, an antepartum doula can provide invaluable services. The antepartum doula provides much needed practical help. She can assist you with errands, laundry, cooking and everyday chores that the pregnant lady can no longer do. A doula provides much needed emotional support to parents. Having been trained by best institutions in all aspects of pregnancy she can answer questions and calm the fears of an already stressed mother-to-be.

A labor doula’s job is to assist once labor begins, she usually meets with the couple several times at their home to discuss what they want during labor and help them create a birth plan. She establishes a strong relationship with the couple and answers questions during the months prior to giving birth. A labor doula does not provide you medical care but can be a great source of information. Once the mother is in true labor, she will be her constant companion. The experienced labor doula is trained in relaxation and comfort techniques to assist in both labor and delivery. Her job is to ensure that the couple has the best Birth Parent Education experience possible.

The last type is the postpartum doula. Her job is to assist in the weeks following the birth of a baby. Her education and training in breastfeeding and newborn growth and development allows her to assist the new mother expertly. A postpartum doula provides physical help with things such as cooking, laundry, and cleaning. She provides emotional support to family and gives the mother time to rest peacefully and relax knowing everything is under control.

If you’re finding doula for any aspect of your pregnancy, make sure you hire the one that you are confident in using. Talk with several if you need to find the one that you feel most comfortable with. Most certified doulas will not charge for the initial consultations.

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