Be Fare: What Not To Write While Writing An Essay
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Be Fare: What Not To Write While Writing An Essay

Okay guys, today I have a wonderful piece of advice on which words and phrases should not be used while writing an essay, we don’t realize of how much repetition is there in an essay if we don’t proof read it before submission and which words and phrases should be avoided to make it look more professional both academically and commercially, so next time keep away from using the following words and phrases while you write an essay.

While writing an essay the writer wants to write about interesting stuff that is captivating and fun to read or creates excitement for the reader to carry on reading, it is a difficult job though to put forward your thoughts and ideas in such a way that your essay proves to be a success amongst the readers and evaluators.


Let’s Find Out What Should Not Be Written In An Essay In Order To Lose Its Quality:


The Word “Very”:

In your essay just be a little careful to not use the word “Very” excessively, since it gives an impression of exaggeration and your essay might get penalized for its undue use, you should write this word in moderation, and may use another adjective or verb to show an emphasize on the topic you are trying to convince about.


Another Word “Thing”:

Another word that many students use is the word thing, it sounds very casual and does not indicate a strong writing style therefore if you are referring to something try using a word relevant to that instead of writing for example:

X One thing I want to talk about

One point I want to make

Writing technique and Grammar (sentence structure):

  • And” and “But”


Try not to start any sentence with and or but although you might have no choice in a few instances but prefer not to, it is not such a good idea.

  • ing”

Try keeping your essay in a more standard and regular structured writing format and avoid using any word with an “ing” unless you are sure about the meaning and how it might affect your writing style.

  • Punctuation:

Remember that the commas and period should always be placed within the closing quotation mark and not outside.

Be careful while using a comma, if you are joining two sentences together with so, for, and, but always place a comma before it.

Do not use exclamation marks in essay ( ! )

Choose “words” correctly:

There are many words having the same pronunciation but different spellings, avoid relying on spell checks all the time, invest some time in reading and learning the words meanings too, an essay is a hazard if you write like this:

X “My Principle has a brilliant personality.”

  • Correction word Principle means “value” where as the word “Principal” will be used here who is a head of a learning institute.

Next time try not using the above mentioned words and punctuation since it might make the reader lose interest and while writing for college or school you might see a raised eye brow on your teachers face.


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