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Health Tablet & HealthCare Software  For Doctors

e-PrescriptionPad Medical Software



<li>100% Safe,first rate,error free Prescription Writing Facility</li>
<li>70,000+ Records of Drug,Brand & Disease information of Indian,USA & UK Pharmacopeia</li>
<li>Complete Drug Informations with Indications, Contra-Indications, Drug Safety, Dosage,substtutes,drug Group etc. </li>
<li>Brand Information with trade name, manufacturer, dosage, substitutes, group name etc. </li>
<li>Search Drug / Brand by name, Indication/ formulation, dosage, substitutes, group name etc. </li>
<li>Add / Manage Drug, Brand or Disease database. </li>
<li>Diseases Information & Diseases Treatment Tip. </li>
<li>Drug safety alerts at individual Diseases level like in case of G6PD, PORPHYRIA, and HYPERTENSION etc. </li>
<li>Drug restrictions warning / alerts for specified conditions like:-Pregnancy, Lactation, Elderly etc. </li>
<li>Warning / alerts during treatment writing if you by mistake have chosen some anti-diabetic or anti-cancer brand while your patient is not suffering from either. </li>
<li>Automatic Interaction / Adverse reaction warning / alerts while prescribing</li>
<li>Alternative medicines / Brand Substitute, Formulation of selected drugs </li>
<li>Automatic advised investigation for diagnosed diseases while prescribing. </li>
<li>Search patient record /details by name, Id, date of visit etc. </li>
<li>Automatic Patient History (Past / Personal / Family) Alerts & Security </li>
<li>Automatic Patient Allergy alerts </li>
<li>Value added features like: - Cardiac Risk Factor calculator (CHD), BMI Calculator and Child Growth Calculator </li>
<li>Appointment & Task management on Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly basis </li>
<li>Stored Images or Capture / Scan new Images with Prescriptions. </li>
<li>Images Comparison facility of different time lines </li>
<li>Readymade Prescriptions / Templates</li>
<li>Hand outs – Educational / Disease / Diet Chart/ Exercises in English & Hindi Both. </li>
<li>Medical Certificates</li>
User defined customized criteria on Plain or Print stationary

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2017-09-20 06:10:52 

Prescription Pad is India’s most trusted and widely used prescription writing medical software. The software makes the life of both the doctors and patients easy, comfortable, and organized by arranging all the health and medical parameters in one place and disseminating them as and when required. Here are some of the most vital features of Prescription Pad.

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