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Published:  2019-01-21 

Author:  FreedomMediaGroupUK

Published In:  Advertising

In today’s marketplace, businesses or companies go in a lot of different ways to promote their brands and fulfil their marketing needs. Some companies use freelancers, some have media companies and in-house marketing department create their advertisements and some companies don’t do anything and just hope . . . .


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Published:  2018-12-10 

Author:  FreedomMediaGroupUK

Published In:  Advertising

When it comes to brand promoting and marketing the company, many business owners prefer dealing directly with the media vendors by themselves instead of hiring advertising agency in order to save few dollars in agency fees. This might make sense on paper but in reality, it would not be . . . .


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Published:  2018-11-22 

Author:  FreedomMediaGroupUK

Published In:  Advertising

Do you hear about media agencies and how they work?  If not, then take a look at this article to learn something new and useful information.   Nowadays, media agencies have much positive development. The global growth rate of the investments in advertising constantly increases.  . . . .


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