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Published:  2020-06-09 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

Munching on namkeen and other snacks is an old practice in India. However, in recent years, the number of available namkeens has grown exponentially. Researchers claim there are around 1000 snack items sold in India - of different tastes, forms, textures, aromas, sizes, shapes and fillings. The namkeen . . . .


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Published:  2020-06-08 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

The primary role of Secondary Packaging is to protect products moving through the supply chain. It also preserves the integrity of the primary package. Secondary Packaging facilitates transportation of mass quantities of the packaged product from the manufacturer to the end user or point of . . . .


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Published:  2017-12-25 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

According to research by the Food Packaging Technology Department of the Central Food Technological research Institute in Mysore, bulk quantities of edible oils and hydrogenated fats (vanaspati) are packed and transported in expensive tin containers and galvanized iron drums, and sold in loose form by retail vendors. This practice . . . .


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Published:  2017-12-13 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

Established 4 decades ago, Nichrome is India’s leading innovative packaging solution provider. Starting as a pioneer of indigenous milk pouch packaging machines to support India’s White Revolution, Nichrome today offers a wide range of automatic packaging & filling machines for diverse industries. Nichrome’s footprint . . . .


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Published:  2017-11-28 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

When it comes to Pharma products, packaging plays a crucial role. The functions of good packaging can be classified under two heads: Containment and Protection.  Pharma packaging must provide strong containment against leaks, diffusion and permeation. It must also be strong enough to hold the . . . .


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Published:  2017-11-09 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

Spices, atta, coffee powder, premixes, milk powder, detergent, pharma/nutraceutical powder, chemicals – practically every powder, whether free-flowing or non free-flowing, requires safe, flexible packaging to retain its hygiene, freshness and goodness. Over the last 40 years in the industry, Nichrome has built impressive capability in . . . .


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Published:  2017-10-30 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

As the requirement for packaging rises across sectors, and traditional businesses prefer to package products, the sector is growing at a robust pace. The packaging sector is witnessing double-digit growth and it will only grow further as packaging is essential for all sectors right from processed foods and . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ Grain Packaging On The Rise

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Published:  2017-10-27 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Business

For oil manufacturers, packaging plays a crucial role. Just visit any supermarket and you will notice that creatively packed products grabbed your attention! Also, apart from attracting customers, it is also important to use highly advanced automatic packaging machines for better storage & shelf life of any . . . .


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Published:  2017-09-11 

Author:  nichromeindia

Published In:  Sales

Packaging plays a crucial role in the entire chain of production, storage, transportation, distribution and marketing of milk. Most of the dairies in Indian cities have introduced packaging and distribution of milk through polyethylene pouches. The plastic pouches are very light in weight and hence distribution costs and storage . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ The ‘Bullet Train’ Of Milk Pouch Packaging: Nichrome Filpack 12K

Author Bio:

Having first started in Pune in 1948, Nichrome established itself in the world of packaging in 1977. Today the company incorporates 37 years of experience in providing innovative packaging solutions throughout a wide array of industries and applications. Nichrome provides packaging solutions for specific product lines with its high quality and flexible machine lines ranging from its food packaging machine lines to its liquid packaging machine product lines.

Nichrome has developed a versatile range of machines that can meet the packaging specificities of a varied range of products. Nichrome emphasizes on giving complete support to our customers, from consultation and development of the machine as per client requirements, to production of the packaging machine and providing extensive after sales service. Nichrome is dedicated to providing the highest production rates, maximum accuracy and consistent pouch quality as per each individual client’s requirements.