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Inflation is defined as, “a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.” Your money doesn’t go as far -- simple. The $30k you made at your job 10 years ago and lived comfortably with barely gets you by now. You can’t control inflation (the Federal Reserve does that) and the government has doubled their debt since 2008. It’s now at $18.3 trillion and grows every day.

The government cannot save you or your family, or ensure your financial freedom. Set your mind right about earning money. More cash more freedom! Money itself won’t make you happy, but it will give you the ability to provide a better life for yourself and your loved ones. You must invest with income streams that give you positive cash flow, learn to leverage your debt, learn to handle inflation and take control of your physical assets.

Do you as of now have commercial real estate assets in your investment portfolio? Are you scared to have your money in the stock market but also fed up with almost no return on investment with your money at the bank? Do you instinctively like the idea of being expended in income producing real estate with comes about (results) you can see?

1. Positive cash flow.

One of the biggest advantages to income producing real estate investments is that leases generally secure the benefits. This gives a regular income stream that is essentially higher than the typical stock dividend yields.

2. Using leverage to multiply asset value.

Another vital normal for business land contributing is the capacity to put obligation on the benefit, which is few times the original value. This enables you to buy more resources with less money and significantly multiply asset value and increment value as the advances are paid down.

3. Low-cost debt leveraged to multiply cash flow.

Placing “positive use” on a benefit takes for investors to effectively build positive cash flow from operations by acquiring cash at a lower cost than the property pays out. For instance, if a property producing a 6% money-on-money return were to have obligation set on it at 4%, the investors would be paid 6% on the equity portion and approximately 2% on the money obtained, thereby leveraging debt.

 4. Hedge on inflation.

For each dollar that is made, there is a corresponding liability. Real estate investments have historically shown the highest correlation to inflation when compared to other asset classes, for example, the S&P 500, 10-year Treasury notes and corporate securities.

As nations around the world continue to printing money to spur economic development, it is important to recognize the advantages of owning income producing real estate as a hedge against inflation. Generally, when inflation occurs, the price of real estate, particularly multi-tenant assets that have a high ratio of work and replacement costs, will likewise rise.

5. Capitalize on the physical assets.

Pay creating real estate is one of the only few investment classes that, as a hard asset, has meaningful value. The property’s land has esteem, as does the structure itself, and the income it produces has incentive to future speculators. Income producing real estate speculations don’t have red and green days, as does the stock exchange.

 6. Maximizing tax benefits.

The US Tax Code benefits real estate owners in a several of ways, including boundless home loan interest deductions and depreciation accelerations that can shield a portion of the positive cash flow generated and paid out to investors. At the time of sale, IRS permits investors a 1031 provision, enabling investors to trade into a like-kind instrument and defer every taxable gains into the future.

7. Asset value appreciation.

After some time, increasingly inflation has made it into the economy, radically reducing buying power. In any case, income creating real estate investments have historically provided excellent appreciation in value that meet and exceed other investment types. Properties truly increment in esteem as the networking income of the property enhances through rent increments and more effective management of the benefit.

8. Feeling the pride of ownership.

The correct property in the right location with the right occupants and possession mind-set can produce a tremendous pride of ownership factor that is most among all advantage classes. Homeownership is out of reach for most people. Envision owning thousands of multi-family housing units instead?

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