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Published:  2021-04-08 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Biking

Folding bikes can be best summarized in two words - practicality and versatility. These two features stand tall against all its drawbacks making it a preferred choice for everyday commuters and tourists. Imagine a mode of transport that can be folded in the form of a large-sized backpack. What . . . .


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Published:  2021-03-23 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Biking

A healthy workforce is the true power of any nation. Various governments and health authorities across the world are making efforts to direct people towards a healthy lifestyle. However, it is a distant objective that needs weeks, months perhaps years to come through. But there are few ways to . . . .


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Published:  2021-03-16 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Advertising

Do you know the first folding bike was introduced in 1890? It has had quite a journey since then. Initially, the folding mechanisms were introduced to improve the convenience of military officers and soldiers but later the concept gained popularity and became a preferred choice among masses . . . .


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Published:  2021-02-01 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Biking

Foldable bikes have gained huge popularity and last few years. there are many who are hesitant in admitting it's benefits considering its small frame, however, the limitation works in it’s favor in several daily life scenario. Imagine that you live in an expensive city with a reasonable . . . .


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Published:  2020-12-15 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Biking

There are many reasons why Ortlieb handlebar bags are recommended universally. Bicycle is a versatile transportation means that offers ease of mobility across various landscapes. Whether you need to pass through traffic congestion or maneuver through rough off-road paths, bikes are a better option any day . . . .


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Published:  2020-12-03 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Travel & Leisure

Do you know you don’t need to be physically fit to ride a foldable electric bike?  So apart from being a conventional comfort for all types of users, portable electric bikes are a boon to the environment. It gets you from one point to another . . . .


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Published:  2020-11-21 

Author:  thomasjamoe

Published In:  Travel & Leisure

 Victoria’s diverse terrain is a heaven for cyclists. It promises an ever-changing scenery, breath-taking sights, sounds and enchanting views of the countryside. There are numerous reasons for why bike touring is recommended for this place  but the biggest one is the scope of exploring . . . .


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