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Product Configurator For Shopware.

The product configurator for Shopware or customizer allows customers to customize the product as they wish. Parameters can have several types, such as radio buttons, select a list with images, text, a field or much more. Parameters can be dependent on each other. Flexible combined options will allow you to combine values ​​from several options, for example, calculate the area, having the width and height of the part. Visualize the combination of the product with the combined product with all selected options in real time. Innovative features for applying mass customization, it is possible to add individual text to the combined image of the product.


The Shopware product extension of the configurator allows you to define much more flexible individual variants of simple products. Parameters are defined in the configuration template. Based on the selected edition, various types of options are available. In addition to the parameters, by default parameters can be combined into so-called combined variants. These combined options allow you to calculate the area from the length and height of options. The parameters can depend on each other to hide some options-vaues, when the values ​​are selected in another variant.

When using the new version of the Shopware edition developed by WebiProg specialists, you can associate the images with any cost option and the combined image of the product will be generated based on the users' choice in real time. It's really cool!

Main characteristics of Shopware product configurator :

- Fast work

- Individually adaptable

- Completely responsive

- Complex pricing models can be displayed

- Connecting to shopware or other systems

- Integration into the template shopware Shops

- SEO optimized landing pages can be installed

- Directly linked preconfigured products

- Automatically import products using CSV

Important NOTE:

We develop exclusively on the basis of a standard installation of Shopware. If you are using third-party plugins (including Shopware Premium Plugins) in your shop, we recommend that you test our plug-ins extensively before you purchase to check whether there are any conflicts between the plugins you are using. For this, we offer test licenses, which you can download at the Shopware Store.

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