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In today’s era, nobody can ignore English language. And the ICSE is a board that gives extreme emphasis on English language. Studying the English language well will help students in their future career also.


So, to score high marks in ICSE class X exam, motivate yourself by thinking about the future benefits that language can give you. You can communicate globally by knowing this language alone.


Within our education systems, English alongside regional languages, has taken prominence for quite a few decades. It has become imperative for students to be accustomed to English as a common usability. Best schools in Bangalore with ICSE curriculum (such as Greenwood High International School) know the long-term benefits of language learning. So, they prepare students for ICSE board exam for English and as well as teach them additional lessons. In fact this in-depth subject knowledge of English language will help you to get good marks.


Style of writing: After you write an essay or a letter, your teacher will make some corrections. Try to read the corrected form. Also, you should read story books to have your own style of writing. Hence, learning this language should not be restricted within a classroom. Participate in creative writing workshop to improve your language skills.


Spelling & Grammar: Along with these steps, go through the spelling & grammar book and practise the grammar lessons. Always observe the grammatical structure of long sentences. Keep on practicing English spelling & grammar.


Improvement of writing: You need to be comfortable with the several writing forms as per exam questions. There is no fixed formula to improve essay writing. Read different types of current topics from newspapers to update your unknown essay writing ability. Keep in mind about the letter writing formats and essay writing structure. In the exam, be strict about time allocation for each writing. Ask your class teachers about how much time to be allocated for reading comprehension, spelling & grammar, letter writing and essay.


Reading the question: Read the exam questions properly and understand what is exactly asked in the question. Give to-the-point answers and try to attend the all the questions.  


Note new words: Some new words you can learn everyday. This language learning habit will give you’re an edge over your competitors. A good vocabulary can be easily built by simply noting new words, learning their meaning and putting them to use in sentences. Pick a word and use it until you master it and never stop using it. Modern international schools in Bangalore gives emphasis on improving the vocabulary.


Read: Always read out loud! This habit will improve your pronunciation and help There is nothing like perfecting a language than reading it out. Pick a newspaper or a magazine of your choice and simply read paragraphs. This will help you memorize your words. know what words get you stuck and what new you could be learning.


Watch television: Get used to watching English movies, news channels and plays. Watch & understand the difference between language & country specific differences of English language. Get help with subtitled ones to learn the framing of spoken phrases and how different people speak differently.


Literature study: Study again & again the literature pieces of your syllabus. You should be able to study well the poems and prose in your textbook. Understand the context, critique’s views, literary significance in detail.


Your overall depth in the English language will help you to get high marks in the ICSE class ten English language exam.


The article is written by Greenwood High International School ( ).


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