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Sony MDRXB450AP On-Ear EXTRA BASS(XB) Headphones With Mic

Sony is the foremost brand in Electronics accessories field.There are a lot of products are in market from Sony.Recently smart phones have taken over the phone industry.Smart phones are really interactive with internet.Thus there are a lot of applications which requires the speaker and microphone simultaneously.
As you know phone speakers are not so powerful ,so we can't listen them clearly.In that case we will need a earphone with mic.Sony mdr-xb450AP could be a good choice if you want to buy such a product.This headphone is an extension  of <a href=''>Sony  headphone</a> MDR-xb450 with microphone facility extra.
 Sony uses 'Beat Response Control' which delivers a tighter and deeper bass response.Thus <a href=''>Sony MDRXB450AP On-Ear EXTRA BASS(XB) Headphones with Mic</a> is capable of handling various frequencies that normal headphones can't.This pair of headphones has sensitivity of 102dB/mW along with a 5Hz to 22kHz frequency range.A  3.5 mm audio jack  makes it easily compatible for all media devices. It  includes an in-line remote and microphone so you can make calls while using the headphones. This model uses an in-line remote compatible with all devices – this includes iOS device (iPhone and iPad), along with compatibility for Android and BlackBerry devices.If you have an Android smart phone, you have the option to install the Smart Key app that lets you tweak the in-line remote settings of the Sony MDR-XB450AP.
-Comfortable ear pads
-Sturdy headband
-Includes in-line remote compatible with all mobile devices
-Fold able and easy to store

Bass can be overwhelming at times
Headphone customization can only be done through an Android app

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