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SIS Manufacturing Ltd, New Zealand, had developed a range of silver iontophoresis stimulator (SIS) devices for alternative treatments of bacterial and viral infections, and for bioelectric wound healing stimulation.
The range consists of battery powered, non-invasive and Chronic Infection Alternative Treatment device that can be applied by the general population and by healthcare professionals without any electro-medical or medical experience or expertise. The devices are coupled with the world's first generally available SIS silver-nylon cloth electrode that has been custom designed and manufactured for the SIS electro-stimulators.

ELECTROMEDICAL Bacterial & Chronic Infection Alternative Treatment Device

Alternative treatment of Helicobacter pylori (H pylori)

*    Successful, pure electromedical, no antibiotics results have been achieved for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infections. Initial infections and Helicobacter Pylori Alternative Treatment outcomes were diagnosed and monitored with standard laboratory C-14 urea breath test and histology techniques. Conventionally, H. pylori is treated with a first line triple or quadruple drug combination including two or three antibiotics, sometimes needing repeat treatment and often accompanied by severe side-effects. Chronic H Pylori infection can cause ulcers in the lining of the stomach and upper intestine, and can eventually lead to stomach cancer. It is estimated that over half of the adult population has this bacterium in their bodies.

*    Our medical technology advance presents a new and alternative, non-invasive and drug-free approach to the treatment of bacterial and viral infections.


Wound healing care is a major modern medical intervention in most countries. Chronic, non-healing trauma or disease related wounds cost national annual healthcare budgets tens of billions of dollars.

The SIS machine W100 is the world's first real-time, self-adaptive Electro Stimulation Device. Our advanced electromedical wound healing device operates on three new methods of wound stimulation:

*    The SIS machine W100 and SIS silver-nylon electrode integrated system produces the most active, continuous delivery presently available of electrically generated silver ions to an infected wound and for prevention of wound infection. 

*    The SIS machine W100 is the first commercial device that provides real-time monitoring, supplementation or replacement of the major bioelectric wound healing event. The monitoring and stimulation of the endogenous wound-generated electric field, that is a major controller of surface wound healing, has previously only been performed within a research setting. 

*    The SIS machine W100 version completely and accurately fulfills the specifications of the patented methods of electro-stimulation for promoting in situ tissue regeneration as disclosed in USA patents 5814094A and US 5814094A.

The SIS W100 Wound Infection Treatment device and SIS electrode system can be applied without directly contacting the wound. This advance over existing silver-impregnated wound dressings, avoids the disadvantage of mechanical interference by the wound dressing with the critical event of granulation tissue formation.

For product details and for research information visit:

SIS Manufacturing Ltd, New Zealand

All SIS Manufacturing Ltd equipment and technology is patent pending and trademarked. Address for all commercial and sales correspondence: 4/20 Clarendon Street, Frankston, VIC 3199 Australia. Phone: +64 3 669 0509 within Australia: 03 9781 1889 Fax: +61 3 9781 1884 All non-sales enquiries: Sales enquiries: sales@sis 

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