Common Selenium Challenges And How To Resolve Them
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Common Selenium Challenges And How To Resolve Them

Common Selenium challenges and how to resolve them

Selenium is a popular open-source testing tool. It offers a robust set of tools that facilitates quick development of test automation for web-based applications. The core element of the Selenium framework is Selenium WebDriver. Selenium Course in Chennai will help you understand the significance of Selenium. 

Selenium makes website testing easier. However, there are quite some challenges in Selenium automation that developers encounter while applying the framework. Now let's see some of the common challenges in Selenium:

Dynamic content

A website can consist of dynamic content too.  The problem in dynamic content is that as the new content consumes time to load, it is essential to trigger your test only when the loading is over.

It should be noted that components on a web page are loaded at varied intervals. Hence, there may be concerns if an element is not available in the DOM. This is the exact reason why dealing with dynamic content is one of the biggest challenges in Selenium. You can avoid this issue by making the thread to sleep for two seconds. 

Popup windows

At some times, you should automate communication with popup windows. Selenium at some instances cannot record standard popups in web apps.  Simple alert, confirmation alert, and prompt alert are the different types of popup windows. For handling any alert popup, you can use a getAlert function. 

Timeout issue

If we do not take care of the sync issue, then most of the script will not function. In fact, inaccurate sync while doing actions may lead to the failing of scripts. Smart wait is the solution here. 


At some instances, Selenium will provide you with flaky tests. This implies that they will come back as positive or negative. But the scenario is that they are the opposite. When there are several flaky tests, the testers may not consider the results significant. When you assess the elements of your Selenium tests, it will be convenient to find out the reasons for the instability in the builds.


There is no denying that Selenium is an excellent automation tool. Moreover, its open-source nature has made a hassle-free work for web testers. However, it's not so proficient scalability is one of its challenges. 

One strives to encompass more tests in less time in automation. The product is inclined to expand with every sprint. With the help of Selenium Web Driver, you can only carry out testing sequentially. Besides, the speed at which tests will be implemented would rely on your computing speed. Even the Selenium Grid will assist in implementing cross-browser testing on the particular browsers that are installed in your local system.  The solution to this is parallel testing. 


As a software tester, you always have to learn new things. That said, when you get accustomed to tools, including Selenium WebDriver, you will face several challenges. The key lies in solving them diligently. If you want to learn the powerful tool Selenium, then you can enroll in the Selenium training in Chennai. 


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As a software tester, you always have to learn new things. That said, when you get accustomed to tools, including Selenium WebDriver, you will face several challenges. The key lies in solving them diligently. If you want to learn the powerful tool Selenium, then you can enroll in the Selenium training in Chennai at Softlogic. Softlogic Provide Software Testing Courses also Load Runner Training, Manual testing Training.

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