Central East Correctional Centre
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Central East Correctional Centre

Central East Correctional Centre


The Central East Correctional Centre is a Provincial jail built in 2002 and houses 1,184 adult male and female criminals in both remanded and sentenced custody.


Central east detention center is the most recent instalment in the form of an intellectual and conceptual method of mapping human-made locations, in the process of exploring human relations with control, and incarceration. Through modest sculptural installation, text, as well as drawings, the Central East Correctional Facility addresses incarceration and immigration detention in North America.


Central East Detention Centre, familiarly known as the Lindsay Superjail, is utmost a security detention center.  It is roughly around forty-five minutes to the west of Peterborough in Lindsay, Ontario. In addition to functioning as the high-security confinement facility, the Superjail is contracted by the Services Agency at Canada Border to pretend as an Immigration Holding Centre, where lots of undocumented migrants are in custody.


Central East Correctional Centre interrogates the controversial issues that embodied within the Super Jail.  More generally, the prison system in Canada, with this installation, it acts as:

  • A point of entry into a critical interrogation of migrant incarceration.
  • State violence.
  • Incarceration.
  • He/She exploited due to race, gender, mental condition, and official status within the region.


Visitation Information: 


  • Length of visit:  30 minutes
  • Number of visits per week:  2
  • Number of visitors per visit: 2 adults and any number of children under 16
  • Can I drop off money when I visit: $240 (cash or money order?)


Visiting Hours At The Central East Correctional Center


The visiting hours are, unfortunately, complicated due to the size of the facility. If anyone planned to visit, then their visits should require confirmation at least 24 hours before the date and time. You have to call before the day of the visit.  You need to confirm your visiting hours due to the last minute changes.


The following links are provided with few more details regarding Central East Correctional Center so do follow the links: 

  • Central East Correctional Centre Visitation Rules

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