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The Dangers Of Neglecting Mattress Cleaning And Maintenance

As we spend a third of our lives sleeping, our mattress is an essential item in our lives. In fact, many are looking for the best mattress that’s good for health. However, many of us tend to neglect the cleaning and maintenance of our mattresses, and this can have severe consequences on our health. Many people assume there’s no need to deep clean mattresses, that changing the sheets is enough to keep their mattress clean, but this is not the case. Over time, dust mites, sweat, dead skin cells, and other debris can accumulate on your mattress, leading to a buildup of allergens and bacteria. Here’s how your dirty mattress might be damaging your health and what you can do about it:


Sleep Deprivation

Did you realize that getting poor sleep at night could have an adverse effect on your health? Lack of sleep makes people more prone to stress, which weakens their immune system. They lose productivity and are more likely to gain weight. Overall, it can cause tiredness in the morning, impaired mental performance, weariness, and other symptoms.


Rashes or itchy skin are the most typical causes of sleep interruptions in the middle of the night that are experienced by the majority of people. This is a result of the dirt and dust mites that were trapped in their mattresses. Prioritizing regular cleaning and maintenance of your mattress, specifically clean dust mites from the mattress, can help to improve the overall quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized in the morning.


While there are many DIY methods for cleaning your mattress, such as vacuuming, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, these methods are often not enough to remove all of the allergens and bacteria that can accumulate over time. There’s still a big difference between DIY and Professional mattress cleaning services, they use specialized equipment and techniques to deep clean your mattress.


Allergy Symptoms

Most people who are exposed to various organisms, both living and non-living, develop allergy symptoms such as sneezing, respiratory problems, rashes, and itchy skin. They typically develop allergies when they breathe these germs or when their skin comes into contact with them. Your mattress will be free of allergens that could trigger allergies if you frequently clean your bed.


If regular bed cleaning is neglected, haven’t even tried mattress steam cleaning services, your mattress may gather dust mites, fungal spores, dirt, insects, and other allergens that, when in touch with the mattress, may cause allergies. The onset of allergy issues is frequently one of the telltale signals that your mattress needs to be professionally steam cleaned.


Compromised Air Quality Due to Mattress Mould

Mould is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think about mattresses. Sweat, moisture, stains, and humid surroundings are the main contributors to the growth of mould. You can see how mould might grow when you take into account the fact that the human body perspires while you're sleeping to help you cool yourself. A mouldy mattress can also be caused by environmental factors like humid bedroom environments and those mattressed kept directly on the floor.


When you breathe in mould, your lungs may become irritated by the particles like spores and mycelium, leading to hypersensitivity. It has been demonstrated that some mould strains can trigger asthma or exacerbate an individual's pre-existing respiratory disease.


This is why when it comes to mattress mould removal, DIY is not an option. The best way to deep clean mattresses is to rely on experts. Calling a company specialising mattress cleaning in Northern Beaches should be considered at this point.

In conclusion, neglecting the cleaning and maintenance of your mattress can have severe consequences on your health. Regular deep cleaning can help to remove dirt, dust, and allergens from your mattress and improve your overall health. Additionally, using mattress protectors, washing your bedding regularly, and investing in hypoallergenic bedding can all contribute to a more hygienic and comfortable sleeping surface. Prioritizing the cleanliness and maintenance of your mattress can help you to sleep better, feel better, and stay healthier in the long run.



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Pressure and Steam is a cleaning company in Sydney, offering effective cleaning tips for your home and business.

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