The ‘Bullet Train’ Of Milk Pouch Packaging: Nichrome Filpack 12K
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The ‘Bullet Train’ Of Milk Pouch Packaging: Nichrome Filpack 12K

Packaging plays a crucial role in the entire chain of production, storage, transportation, distribution and marketing of milk. Most of the dairies in Indian cities have introduced packaging and distribution of milk through polyethylene pouches. The plastic pouches are very light in weight and hence distribution costs and storage space requirements are less.

Needless to explain, speed is of the essence. With a perishable product like milk, packaging needs to be fast and accurate. In 2016, Nichrome launched the upgraded version of its Filpack 6K and 10K — the Filpack 12K, a milk pouch packaging machine that delivers an awesome 12,000 pouches per hour.

Nichrome is a highly reputed packaging solutions manufacturer who innovated India’s first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine in 1976. This pioneering effort was undertaken in response to the Government of India’s call for indigenous machinery to facilitate the White Revolution in India. Nichrome was the first to develop a vertical form-fill-seal machine, and the first Filpack machine was commissioned at Kurla Dairy, Mumbai where the commercial distribution of milk pouches was started on 7th March 1977.

As a leading milk packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome continuously innovates and develops newer and better solutions for packaging. The Filpack 12K is a case in point. Building on the VFFS technology of the Filpack 10K, this machine is India’s fastest milk packing machine. A heavy-duty milk filling and packaging machine, the Filpack 12K also packs flavoured milk, lassi, juice, mineral water and other free-flow liquids.

The Filpack 12K packs in CSPP pouches of co-extruded virgin LDPE in quantities of 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Apart from a complete stainless steel structure, digital heat control system for maximum accuracy and a separate control panel box; it has an inbuilt jumbo roll and a web tracking attachment. Recipes can be set and quantity can be changed through the HMI alone! A remote control can be used for machine operation and machine automations can be remotely accessed through a modern ‘Data Over Internet’ feature. The installed insulated tanks maintain product temperature and minimize energy loss.

Nichrome also offers other dairy and milk packaging machines. The Filpack CMD and Filpack CMS are two hi-speed dairy products packaging machines that offer a variety of pouch formats and output speeds. Applications include plain milk, flavoured milk, buttermilk, curd, bread spread, even juice and water besides viscous products like vanaspati and edible oils.

Nichrome also has a series of HFFS machines with Spanish linear technology and a variety of pouch formats. This flexible and versatile range is just one of the ways in which Nichrome maintains its lead in the dairy industry, and partners with manufacturers to achieve production efficiency and assure the quality and quantity of the end-product. more information visit:

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Having first started in Pune in 1948, Nichrome established itself in the world of packaging in 1977. Today the company incorporates 37 years of experience in providing innovative packaging solutions throughout a wide array of industries and applications. Nichrome provides packaging solutions for specific product lines with its high quality and flexible machine lines ranging from its food packaging machine lines to its liquid packaging machine product lines.

Nichrome has developed a versatile range of machines that can meet the packaging specificities of a varied range of products. Nichrome emphasizes on giving complete support to our customers, from consultation and development of the machine as per client requirements, to production of the packaging machine and providing extensive after sales service. Nichrome is dedicated to providing the highest production rates, maximum accuracy and consistent pouch quality as per each individual client’s requirements.

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