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Customer support chat has many advantages: it is fast, it ensures real-time communication, it is cheap, it lets you track your visitor and record the conversation and it reduces cart abandonment. However, live chat sales go up only when you have a platform supported by artificial intelligence and latest data mining techniques.

With the support of AI, your chat agents respond faster as they are suggested with the most appropriate responses covering all the probabilities. These responses are not just automated and generic but the ones that have been developed after researching on your business types and by mining into raw data available in your system. At times, human inputs are used to make the system even more efficient. If one particular agent is outperforming other by a great percentage, his or her chat histories are analyzed to take inputs and cues to implement it in the software. It has been observed that the productivity of the team went up to 30-50 per cent after installation of a customer support chat software.

True AI-backed live chat software are much ahead of the naive bot that is going to annoy your customers with wrong replies, absence of emotional quotient or just by focusing on hard selling. Here the software will provide authentically researched and algorithm-based suggestions that keep your agents always in control of the situations. Development of the software moves back and forth as it learns automatically every time a new question is received or your agent uses a response from the set of suggestions. Since the manufacturer of the software trains your employees as well in using the features of the system these analytics go into further developing customized training modules. 

Setting up the live chat sales software and then integrating it with your existing CRM is quite easy. Its AI features strengthen the CRM as well. Moreover, it supports all channels including text communication, live chat, email, social media etc. Your customers no longer have to wait for a reply and the suggestions will be appropriate and accurate. Happy customers will make new sales conversions possible. You need not to worry about the security of your data as well because the system is protected with state-of-the-art data storage and networking security features. If you wish to reduce your expenditure for customer care and keep your employees free and therefore more productive you must invest in a software like this.

Data scientists and developers have come up with these innovative deep learning developments. RNN or Recurrent Neural Networks have been utilized to optimize and support chat conversations. Since intelligent customer support chat services are different from simple rule-based systems, they are flexible. A chatbot will not be able to provide you an answer if your customer places his or her question with a different phrase. Since the software is supported with AI to handle variations, you will have most apt replies to help your customers. Live chat sales have gone up with the introduction of AI that helps in routing, sales automation, text analytics, voice analytics and many more.

Live chat sales ( ) can be significantly improved with the help of effective customer support chat ( ) application.


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