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Why Would You Need Free Standing Pull Up Bars?

A free standing pull up bar is flexible workout set up that can be adjust anywhere. The Pull up tower alone comes up with grounded stability for the exercises. in order to work on triceps and chest this pull up station allows you to go dip as low as you like to. this is not achievable with other types of pull up bars.

Free standing Pull up bar has very less cost by considering its comfort and features. The kt free standing power tower is only  at $289. There is  only one reason why going with free standing pull up bar is the best and unique choice that is because it gives comfort.
if you want to swing freely and exercise without flexing your leg at knee joint then this is a best option for you. the best advantage of buying a traditional pull up bar is some of its sets contains dip stands also. it also come up with cushions for back comfort and for elbow and underarm support for performing leg and knee raises.

This free standing pull up bar allows you to do exercises like chin ups, pull ups and also more dynamic exercises like muscle ups. this power tower on another side has features everything you need. if you don't like barbell training then this free standing pull up bar is allows you to do everything you need.

when it comes to body-weight exercise tools, the most important feature here is you can always apply extra weight with the help of weighted belt. while this feature is not available when it comes to doorways pull up bar.

This Pull up Power Tower allows you to do most major muscle exercises like chest, back, arms and abs which various bodyweight workout like pull ups, chin ups, sit ups,  knee and leg raises and if you are creative then we are sure you could dream up more. by considering all you are buying an all in one total body workout machine which coes with less price and portabillity.

The Pull power tower  comes up with high quality for bodyweight circuit exercises including, body muscle toning, fat burning and endless stretching. beginner exercises are if you need balance support and overweight. so it can be solution for exercises and modern lifestyle with simple set up, easy to learn and use. Kt free standing pull up bar is all you need for home gym exercises for you and your family.

Free standing Pull up bar has following features

1) solid support with tough steel

2) portable easy to fit in home area

3) Max height 92.5 inches(235cm)

4) Min height about 72.8 inches (185cm)

5) Max Load capacity 200 kg

6) High strength with alloy steel

7) powder coating

8) horizontal bar (35.4)

9) warranty: 10 years

10) height extension


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