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Business policies are observations which are used for creating decisions such as pricing for insurance or loan underwriting, eligibility approvals for social or health services, or product recommendations for online purchases. Business policies are usually originated inside application code, in the structure of if-then statements, even though they can be stored elsewhere for documentation purposes, such as in procedural manuals and other documents. A business policy can be articulated as several business rules IBM WODM Training

When a business policy furthermore has an IT policy or security policy entrenched in it, you can combine business rule management with additional capabilities to handle the business policy aspects. For example, customers who spend a lot of money should be routed to a preferential service or customers who spend a lot of money have need of additional security on their transactions. As of business rules, the business logic can be packaged and called from the application code as a business rule application. As a result, changes to the business policy do not need changes to the application or process code.


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