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To experience the nature, people prefer to spend more time outside to have pool parties, backyard BBQs, and cooking up dinner on the grill. If you seem to have the same experience by adding the deck to your home to enhance the fun, surely you are in the line up to deck contractors to take the decisions about material, budget, and design. While choosing to the deck as per your outside interiors, you may come up with the distinct choices, let’s differentiate as per pros and cons:

Let’s differentiate the pros and cons of four well-appreciated decking material: Wood, PVC, Composite, Pressure-treated Wood.

Wood Decking: Below is some information for wood decking assembled from the Wood Deck Contractors so that you can make the decision:


  • It can get painted and stained like the colour of interiors
  • It repels the elements with the entire sealants/treatment
  • It is available in three colors-Redwoods, Cedars, and tropical Hardwoods ensures natural strength and high resale value


  • Wood decking needs maintenance, if you are good enough for this concern, undoubtedly add
  • Tropical hardwoods are an expensive option, but if you pocket allows, go for it.

Composite Decking: Below is some information for wood decking assembled from the Composite Decking Companies so that you can make the decision:


  • It is a combination of wood fibres and plastics, so it offers more natural look over plastic/PVC decking
  • It is economical than the conventional wood decking
  • It is resistant to cracks, mould, splitting, and splinters


  • It doesn’t offer natural look like wood decking
  • After sometimes, it can warp more than wood

Pressure-treated Wood Decking: Below is some information assembled for Pressure-treated Wood Decking:


Being 100% natural look, it can be painted or strained to experience custom look

It is lightweight and gets better hold than the plastic decking materials


  • It can wrap within sometimes.
  • The treatment is executed with chemical preservatives

PLASTIC/PVC Decking: Below is some information assembled for PLASTIC/PVC Decking:


  • Available in the variety of colours and patterns, hence offer more choices
  • Designed by using recycled material, good for the environment
  • It is lightweight and durable and resistant to the bugs, rotting, elements, and moisture


  • Being made with plastic, the users can experience the natural look
  • It can crack or fade over time
  • Repairs to damaged sections mostly need replacement of the whole deck.

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