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Space Management In Effective Exhibition Stall Design

Exhibitions and trade shows are now an important part of the corporate marketing mix. They are an opportunity to interface with customers and the industry. With expert designers, innovative space planning and creative branding, exhibitors can maximize on the opportunity and garner the returns they desire.

Smart utilization of space is crucial to effective exhibition stall designing. Space planning and usage will make your booth stand out and attract footfalls. In the given space, the designer has to use his/her designing innovativeness and create a strategic floor plan that provides for product placement, branding, live activities, customer interactions, storage and more.

If the exhibition stall is small, the number of exhibits needs to be limited, leaving enough space for visitors to move around. Visibility is also an important consideration, and the exhibition booth displays and signage must be clear and welcoming.

For companies, every expo they participate in is a big investment – of money, time, manpower, inventory and energy. Needless to state, exhibitors expect returns on their investment. Only an experienced agency with expert command over the entire architecture, artistic skills and fabrication knowhow can deliver effective and impactful designs that optimize usage of space and maximize return on investment.

SEED (Smart Exhibition & Environment Display) can assist with completeExhibition Design solutions from concept to commissioning. SEED is a one-stop-shop for the complete gamut of exhibition design services – design, elevation planning, branding, fabrication, execution.

SEED is a leading Exhibition Stand Design company with over 25 years of real-world experience in creative exhibition stall design for hundreds of companies – big and small, local and MNC, B2B and B2C.  Our team of professional designers & architects study your company, understand your brand and branding objectives, and then create custom booth designs that enhance and promote your brand with relevant engagement and compelling impact. As a proven pan-India and globally operating expo booth designer, SEED has a world-wide network of production vendors, stall builders & contractors to ensure your booth design is installed with the highest levels of finish, quality, economy and hassle-free timeliness.

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