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We belong to a generation where almost every task is done via the digitized world which in return has drastically affected our lifestyle and overall health. Various inventions of modern technologies such as smart phones, laptops and other automated devices have urged us to adopt sedentary lifestyle which has left a very negative impact on our human body such as locked joints, stiffness in our neck and back area, frozen shoulders, joint pains and many more ailments. A poor body posture and lack of physical activity can result in tremendous pain in the spine as well as the joints. For this, we always end up taking medication and unnecessary surgeries which we can easily avoid since the origin of pain is in the nervous system which sends out precautionary signals from getting hurt again. We can protect our body from such serious situations where we don't have to feel any kind of pain simply by empowering ourselves to eliminate our pain without feeling lost, stuck or isolated. Specific exercises and stretches can be helpful in pulling the nerves back into its original position, and yes without the harmful medication and surgeries. A physiotherapist or a pain diagnostic specialist can provide you with the appropriate coaching and support to deal with your pain issues and live a stress free life.

Here are some DIY pain elimination tips and techniques that not only identifies the root cause of pain but also eliminates it.

  • At the workplace:-

• Take an appropriate break rather than surfing web or answering calls and texts in between the long working hours by taking a short quick walk or by stretching your arms and legs.

• Periodic short breaks from your desk will loosen your shoulder and neck muscles and will help you in maintaining the correct body posture.

• Adjust your desktop or keyboard as per your convenience along with comfortably resting your feet.

  • At home:- Once you have reached home or have a day off from work don’t just land yourself on the cozy sofa or your comfy bed watching your favorite movies or surfing web instead, consider doing the following activities.

• Perform simple stretching exercises, a handy pull up bar can serve the best.

• Gently massage the neck area and your foot to loosen the stiff muscles.

• Perform leg stretches and take a warm shower which will not only relax your muscles but also make you feel fresh and energetic.

Once you have adopted a healthy lifestyle and a correct body posture along with the Do It Yourself pain removal and prevention tips, you can live a pain free life. But incase the pain persists, you should take the necessary steps.

  • Consult a physiotherapist or a chronic pain diagnostic specialist right away.

  • Carry out the specified exercises as instructed at regular intervals of time.

  • Set your goal to achieve best results in the pain removal process.

  • Play an active role in your recovery and self healing process.

One such chronic pain diagnostic expert that is top recommended by the counsel of physiotherapy and serves the best medium of physiotherapy is “Pain free Maverick” who has initiated a pain free revolution by giving the people power to heal themselves in order to eliminate pain from their life with their below mentioned services:-

▪ Osteopathic manipulations

▪ Neuro Corrective Training

▪ Pain diagnostics

You can visit their website for getting the most out of your physiotherapy visit and book your free telehealth appointment and take a step towards a life that would be healthy, stress free and painless.

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