Bright Ideas In Exhibition Stall Design
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Bright Ideas In Exhibition Stall Design

As we come close to the end of 2018, it’s time to gear up for a busy season of trade shows. In India, winter is a popular time of year and there are a number of expos and trade shows in the offing.

It’s time to plan how to make the most of your exhibition budget. You’ve probably already decided and booked your space at the exhibitions of your choice, so now it’s time to partner with a creative and reliable exhibition stall design & construction agency that can deliver best designs and ROI. 

Here are some of the current trends in exhibition design that you should be aware of. 

Less wood, more aluminium

Earlier, modular stands were created out of wood, but recent developments in the industry have changed that. The latest trend is lightweight aluminium panels which can be joined together easily and can be assembled in half (or even less) of the time it takes to build a wooden stand. What’s more, these aluminium frames can feature easy-change fabric graphics or graphics on a rigid substrate such as foam board which means you can have custom branding at a fraction of the cost compared to a wooden stand.

Things are getting curvy

The days of square layouts and boxy construction are gone. From shell schemes to the gantry rigs, stand designers are experimenting with curves that will help create a point of difference at the trade show. Curved stands mean your branding can be seen from every angle, and can be used creatively for different objectives. For example, for displaying company history or a timeline of innovation, curved surfaces offer a creative flow. In larger exhibition stands, curves are being used to create little booths for private interaction with select visitors.

Best of all, curved stands are no longer as expensive as they used to be, so more and more exhibitors can use them in their creative exhibition stand design.

Focus on lights

Lighting has always been an important element of exhibition stand design and now, with the advancements in lighting technology, creative exhibition stall designers have a large and exciting range of options to work with. Designers will focus on creating the right lighting accent for the custom exhibition stands, so that it compliments and enhances the branding and colour palette chosen for the stand.

LED light walls, backlit displays, LED-illuminated portable displays and backlit accessories such as light box counters and center towers can be used to fantastic effect for award winning exhibition stand design. Not only does backlighting take display graphics to the next level, it creates brand visibility from afar, attracting attention and footfalls for your stand.

Complimentary offerings

These days, almost everyone carries multiple devices which need charging. That’s why in more and more public places, we see more and more charging stations. Offering such a service is a good way to attract visitors to your exhibition stand, as is providing refreshments. Visitors spend hours at trade shows, and so a cool drink or small snack is always welcome. You can use digital technology to publicise your offering – and drive traffic to your stall. Then, while visitors wait for their device to charge or sip on your complimentary drink, your sales staff will have a good chance to initiate conversation and engage in some meaningful sales talk. 

Interactive technology

Exhibitors are increasingly using interactive technology such as Virtual Reality to engage the audience in a trade show setting.  It helps to attract visitors, keep them occupied if the staff is busy, and conduct some experiential marketing. By including a virtual reality headset or game, you can demonstrate your company’s offerings in a memorable way, and add an element of fun to the experience. 

For a successful trade show booth experience, it pays to collaborate with an exhibition stand design company that has the experience, skills and creativity to deliver maximum impact. SEED (Smart Exhibition & Environment Display) can assist with complete Exhibition Design solutions from concept to commissioning. SEED is a leading Exhibition Stand Design company with over 25 years of real-world experience in creative exhibition stall design and an impressive list of clients and award-winning stands to its credit. 

As a proven pan-India and globally operating expo booth designer, SEED has a world-wide network of production vendors, stall builders & contractors to ensure your booth design is installed with quality, economy and hassle-free efficiency.  Our team of professional designers & architects stay abreast with the latest trends and create custom booth designs that enhance and promote your brand with relevant engagement and compelling impact. 

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