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For most people, there always comes a time when securing financial assistance becomes of utmost importance to surviving and thriving in an environment of unstable economy. This is obvious as the myriads of daily and recurrent expenses incurred every day continues to be on the rise. Be it repaying back college debts, vehicle insurance dues, or even house rent; these expenses keep piling, and can become a very difficult situation to cope with, particularly as time passes.

Our focus at LBC Mortgage is to ensure that you are satisfied as a self-employed borrower. We make certain that we provide you an offer that matches your needs and your qualifications. This is actually what sets us apart from other self-employed home loans companies. We started small by helping friends, families and colleagues secure the best mortgages that suits their specific needs, we have today grown to become one of the most trusted and reliable in California. All thanks to a team of highly qualified and skilled mortgage brokers that we have built over many years of meticulous and industrious working, and collaboration with our clients in helping solve their financial problems.

However, with the rise of many mortgage-brokers available for self-employed borrower, the financial burden should have easily lifted off shoulders, except for the highly unattainable conditions and terms of services for securing home loans. A lot of typical stated income loans providers would require many things such as W2, taxes forms, high rates and credit score which disqualifies many a self-employed borrowers right before application.

As a self-employed, we understand that you might not be able to boast of stable incomes, thus making it difficult for you to qualify for most home loans requirements. However, at LBC Mortgage, we are glad to inform you that we are in business just because of people like you – so we can meet the specific needs of self-employed borrowers.

We will like you to know that no matter your current situation or circumstance, we have in our company’s work-force team, many highly qualified and knowledgeable stated income loan brokers who will be more than willing to help you get pre-qualified for home loans in the shortest time possible.

Our stated income loans is designed specifically to make your application for home loans hassles free, even when you have been switching jobs which makes you unable to keep proper records of your income over time. With our stated income loan service, we make your loan application process as smooth as possible.

All you need do is to state clearly in your application, your income. This will be reviewed primarily on your job, credit score, bank statements among others. Our wide range of loan programs will ensure that you are certainly covered no matter what. 

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