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Things You Need To Know About Virgin Atlantic Compensation

If you recently traveled on Virgin Atlantic Airlines, and also your flight was delayed, overbooked or perhaps cancelled, it's quick and easy to see if you are eligible for compensation. Enter your flight details into our claim calculator and we'll let you know if there is a possible claim.

For those who have faced inconvenience on account of Virgin Atlantic flight delays or flight cancellations or you will be denied to board on account of overbooked flight tickets, then you have the right to claim compensation around £540 from Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Our free flight compensation checker can aid you to calculate the compensatory amount, Virgin Atlantic owes to you. You only need to enter your flight details like flight number and flight date and the reason behind it. Our claim experts can help you to demand money back from the airlines without legal or financial hassles.

Flights Claim allows you to claim your airline compensation. We take care of pursuing the delay or cancellation claim with Virgin Atlantic directly, and perhaps bring them to court for your benefit if necessary. We work on a “No Win, No Fee” principle – so we don’t get paid unless you don't get paid. So you have nothing to lose!

Whenever a Virgin Atlantic flight gets delayed or cancelled, you'll only qualify compensation if they won't prove that the reason behind the disruption was an unprecedented circumstance. Events just like a thunderstorm, Air Traffic Control strikes and airport security issues are all an example of extraordinary circumstances.

Test to determine if you have an entitlement to compensation for just a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight, enter your details into our claim calculator, and we'll take care of the claim from there. If you find yourself at the airport wondering what to do now that your flight has been delayed, cancelled or if you’ve been denied boarding as the flight was overbooked; here are our recommendations to make the process of claiming for compensation slightly easier.

Visit our website to see how easy it would be to you could make your Virgin Atlantic compensation and what you may be entitled to. If you have been delayed, denied boarding or missed a connection because of a delayed Virgin Atlantic flight, contact us today to find out if you have a claim for compensation. Submit our form or call us at (0800) 228 9050 to find out now.


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