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Claiming Flight Compensation With Thomas Cook

If you have been unfortunate enough to undertake a delayed flight with Thomas Cook Airlines, then you've come to the right place for compensation. Right here at Flights Claim all you need to know about how to claim Thomas Cook Airlines Compensation.

We encourage our customers to make their claim right to us using our online claim form. All claims we receive are taken care of in the order in which they are received; claims made via claims companies are certainly not given priority over claims made directly by customers. By claiming directly with us, where compensation is due, you will receive the full amount rather than a reduced amount which you will receive if you claim with a claims company.

There's no need to submit any complicated forms if your Thomas Cook Airlines flight have been delayed. All you need to do is tap in your flight details and we'll explain if your delay qualifies. Our team of trusted industry experts knows the law inside out, so you won't have to waste time going back-and-forth with the airline, or, just like to happen, having to go to a small claims court in making your case.

When you accomplish that, we'll have the capacity to let you know if the delayed Thomas Cook Airlines flight is eligible. We only require your flight number, email address and a few other details get your money to you as soon as we can.

You are not allowed compensation according to the EC- Regulation in case the incident is due to extraordinary circumstances which could not have already been avoided regardless of whether all reasonable measures had been taken, e.g. bad climate conditions, political instability, strike, security risks, unexpected flight safety shortcomings. You are not entitled to compensations regardless of the sort if you have been excluded from a flight as a result of justifiable reasons, e.g. regarding with your health, common or operational security or inadequate travel documents.

Sometimes, Thomas Cook Airlines cancel flights. This occurs with all airlines for a variety of different reasons. Whether they can, Thomas Cook Airlines are often willing to rebook you onto another flight at no extra charge.

Our team of trusted legal industry experts will be able to explain to you when your cancelled Thomas Cook Airlines flight is eligible. We only require your flight number, e-mail address and a number of other details to get your money to you as soon as we can.


Find useful information on delayed Thomas Cook Airlines flight. Visit to know more about Thomas Cook flight compensation.

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