With The Rise Of Health Concerns In Users, Companies Like Naturtint, Have Come Out With User-friendly And Health Beneficial Products Like Naturtint 7N Hazelnut Blonde
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Author: nancy1423
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With The Rise Of Health Concerns In Users, Companies Like Naturtint, Have Come Out With User-friendly And Health Beneficial Products Like Naturtint 7N Hazelnut Blonde

Nowadays there have been a lot of ways to change and better the way you look and portray you. There are a lot of new trends and fashion styles people have been adopting, but the most predominant and the most influential trend has been hair coloring. Hair coloring has been prevalent for several years and is only gaining popularity to be one of the leading ways to revamp the look. With hair coloring being at the top of the game, several companies have come out with various kinds of products and colors which cater to the requirements and demands of the customers. Apart from all the look and hair health benefits of such products, there are a lot of concerning side effects to them. One should always know about the adverse effects and how to stop them from happening before using such products. Not every product in the market has a terrible impact on your hair, but most of the companies do not use proper, suitable material which in turn ruins the quality and hair health. At the start of this industry, there were not many healthy options, but with the scene’s progress, healthier variants have been introduced. Some such adverse effects of hair color are mentioned below.

  • Over Processing-Unlike products from Naturtint, permanent hair colors often contain ammonia and other such harmful substances which ruin the quality of the user's hair. The ammonia breaks through your hair shaft and the peroxide which bleaches out the natural pigment in your hair, stripping away color. This process of relaxing the hair cuticles to reach the cortex of your hair and bleach out its natural pigment is, essentially, hair damage. Overtreating your hair with these chemicals will cause it to lose luster and break easily.


  • Allergies- Hair dyes causing allergic reactions are not uncommon especially because permanent hair dyes contain paraphenylenediamine which is a common allergen. People who have contact dermatitis are particularly prone to responses because of the PPD and other chemicals present in dyes. 

With the rise of health concerns in users, companies like Naturtint, have come out with user-friendly and health beneficial products like Naturtint 7N Hazelnut Blonde and other colors such as Naturtint 9N Honey Blonde and Naturtint 1N Ebony Black.All of the complications as mentioned earlier can be avoided by using products like these.Naturtint makes their products with natural and hair friendly ingredient that not only prevents the products from worsening the health of the hair but also works towards bettering it.

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