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Advertising campaigns are a great medium to talk about your company, products, as well as offers, luckily, we are living in a stage where we have an array of advertisement platforms.

Having said that we are going to tell you about the advantages of outdoor advertising in Manchester and also explore vivid advantages of radio advertisements. Read on.

Let us talk about the advantages of advertise on Absolute Radio first and then we will proceed with the outdoor advertising.

Advantages of Radio advertisement


If you are wondering about the cost of radio advertisement then let us tell you that it is affordable than most of the other advertisement platform. You can easily pass on the massage about your company and let people know about your products through radio effectively without really spending a lot of money.

Reaching target audience

A lot of people listen to radio even now. In fact, around 93% of UK people listen to radio daily. Imagine how many people will listen to your advertisement if you advertise on smooth FM! This is the best way to reach out to people and let them know about you.

Targeting people

When you advertise through radio, you are ensured that a lot of people will listen to your advertisement. Create a unique idea for the advertisement, if your company provides offer then let it be out there. You can target the time and the area for your advertisement on Radio too to make sure that the correct audience is being targeted and they are listening to what they want to hear. Offers area anyway a great way to reach out to people. The more people will listen to your advertisement, the better chances you have to generate traffic to your site.

Advantages of Outdoor advertising

Since we have talked about radio advertisement, it’s time to check out the advantages of outdoor advertising.

No one will miss it!

When you advertise on billboards, your advertisement is bound to be seen. No one can miss seeing a huge billboard in the side of a road. The huge fonts anyhow will attract some attention and when they start reading it, your company will surely attract good amount of attention. Just be creative with your idea.


Do you know that outdoor advertising is highly cost effective too? You might feel that they are a bit expensive initially but in comparison to the ROI, they are definitely worth every money you spent. In fact, the more money you spend on the outdoor advertising, the greater the ROI will be.

Outdoor advertising reaches a large number of audience

Outdoor advertising is seen by all. No one misses out a huge billboard as discussed in the first point in the side of a road. There are hundreds of busy people who fail to switch on their TV but they have to drive to their office, that’ why outdoor advertising is a great resource to reach out to more people.

It is highly engaging too

As per the report, people often prefer outdoor advertising. Mainly because they are not pushy, they don’t disturb and the creativity shown on the billboards is highly commendable.

Now you know the benefits of both radio and outdoor advertising. If you want to reach out to your target audience effectively, get in touch with Freedom Media Group in UK today.

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