Hardware And Networking Course In Hyderabad
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Hardware And Networking Course In Hyderabad

Sannihitha Technologies in Hyderabad at Ameerpet .Here we Offer Both Online Training and Classroom Training 
Sannihitha Technologies offer Hardware Courses,Software Courses and Accountant Courses
some of the courses listed below
Hardware courses:
1.Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad
2.Hardware and Networking Courses in Hyderabad
3.Laptop Chip level Training in Hyderabad
4.CCNA Training in Hyderabad
5.Linux Training in Hyderabad
Software Courses:
1.IBM Mainframe Training in Hyderabad
2.AS/400 training in Hyderabad
3.Cognos Training in Hyderabad
4.Matlab Training in Hyderabad
5.ISTQB Training in Hyderabad
7.Informatica Training in Hyderabad
8.SAP Basis Training in Hyderabad
Accountant Courses:
1.Quickbooks Training in Hyderabad
2.Tally Course in Hyderabad
3.Advanced Excel Training in Hyderabad etc...
we provide Training with Experienced Faculty in real time project with 100% job Placement assistence.

A hardware professional deals with various components like chips, motherboard, computer system, modem, external hard disk, printer, keyboard etc. ... 
Networking hardware are physical devices are required for communication and interaction between devices on a computer network.
A group of interconnected (cable or wireless) peripherals that is capable of sharing  data is networking. 
Two common types of networks:
1.Local Area Network (LAN)
2.Wide Area Network (WAN)
A Local Area Network (LAN) connect networks in small area.
Wide Area Networks (WAN) connect networks in larger geographic areas.
Learn Best Hardware and Networking Course In Hyderabad Ameerpet from basic hardware skills to advanced networking technologies with job placement assistance.For more details visit our website:http://www.sannihithatechnologies.com/hardware-and-networking-course-in-hyderabad/

Tools Required in mobile Repairing:
Soldering Iron,Soldering Station,PCB holder/PCB stand,Solder wire,Tinner or PCB cleaner,Jumper wire,Blade cutter,Point cutter
Nose cutter,Precision screw driver,Tweezers,Brush,Multi meter,Hot air blower,Battery booster,Ultrasonic cleaner,BGA kit,Magnifying lamp
Mobile opener,DC power supply,Liquid flux,Paste flux,Solder paste,Cleaning sponge,De slolder wire,Screw driver kit,IRDA or Infrared workstation
LCD tester,Microscope,Wrist strap,Antistatic hand gloves,Antistatic mat,Antistatic apron,Smoke absorber,Batter tester.
Mobile Repairing Course In Hyderabad, Ameerpet. Most of our students got jobs in different companies. Attend free demo session - Enhance your career growth.For more details visit our website :

At Sannihitha Technologies,We are Providing the Best Chip Level Training in Hyderabad for Mobile,Laptop,Desktop,CC TV Camera, Hardware and Networking Course,Laptop Chip level repairing course, 
Mobile Repairing Course,Hardware and Networking Course. 
Sannihitha Technologies is one of the best repairing and training center for laptops, desktops, mobiles, tablet pc’s, printers, hardware and networking in Hyderabad. 
Chip Level Training in Hyderabad Course at Sannihitha Technologies has the students batches with its extensive and best quality in chip level repairing Course in Hyderabad. 
Sannihitha Technologies provides one stop solution for entire problems in various computers, desktops, laptops, printers, mobiles, hardware and networking of different brands.
we provide the best and advanced technical knowledge to our students in the chip level repairing courses to enhance their techninical growth.
We take more sessions to our students untill they understand and learn the repairing courses in basic level and chip level repairing in Hyderabad within few days.
Sannihitha Technologies has established itself as a best training center for upcoming generation,where we provide them career oriented courses in the chip level repairing.
The Best Laptop Chip Level Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet, a team of certified trainers placed a number of students in different companies.For more details visit our 


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